Best Flat Irons Reviewed in 2018

Best Flat Irons Reviewed in 2018

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Best Flat Iron 2018

Flat irons have had a rocky start with the very first models generating less than satisfactory results, and in worse scenarios, leaving the hair tangled and damaged by excess heat.

Flat irons have since become incredibly versatile hair tools for individuals looking to straighten their curly or wavy hair. Ideally, you can use a flat iron to fashion your hair in any preferred style.

For the best straightening experience, we recommend you to have a look at this review which highlights the best flat irons 2018.

Best Flat Iron 2018

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Product NamePlate MaterialMaximum Temperature (℉)Minimum Temperature (℉)Heating Speed (Seconds) 
HSI Professional Ceramic Ionic Flat IronTourmaline-infused ceramic45024060
BaByliss Pro U StylerSolid Ceramic45034036
Rusk Professional Str8Titanium45030040
CHI G2 Hairstyling IronSolid ceramic42520040
GHD Classic StylerTitanium34736522
Conair Infiniti ProTitanium45521215
Remington S8700Solid Ceramic45030030
Corioliss C3 Black Straightening IronTitanium-infused ceramic45527535
Karmin G3 hair straightenerCeramic460210N/A
BIO IONIC Onepass Straightening IronCeramic40040030

1. HSI Professional Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron - Best flat iron for managing frizz

The HSI professional flat iron offers one of the best straightening experiences.

With a blend of ceramic and tourmaline-made plates, a decent heat range as well as useful add-ons such as Argan oil and a heat glove, this is an affordable and first-rate straightening solution.

It also boasts of 1-inch plates, dual voltage and a quick heating time.

Ideal Temperature Range

One feature that we liked about this flat iron is that it offers an adjustable temperature range of between 240 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, the HSI flat iron can be used on any hair type. However, given the solid ceramic plates, it works best for people with fine or thin hair. The HSI gives full control of the heat setting, which you can adjust by pressing a button on the LCD display.


HSI professional flat iron is made using 100% pure ceramic plates, which have been infused with tourmaline material. Pure ceramic differs from most of the ceramics you would find on ordinary flat irons that are usually baked onto steel plates. The latter type is prone to chipping and cracking, generating uneven heat from the metal.

While pure ceramic is a lot more difficult to make, it confers numerous perks including improved heat diffusion and resistance to cracking, chipping or peeling. The plates are also infused with tourmaline, which, to a great extent, is the best material for flat irons. Tourmaline emits infrared heat that is considered to be safe and healthy for your hair.

The 1-inch plates also have curved edges. They are designed in this manner so as to make it easy to flip or curl your hair as you want. If you have long hair, you would prefer a wider plate. Nonetheless, the 1-inch plate is perfect for the majority of hair strengths.


The HSI professional ceramic flat iron includes a tiny bottle of Argan oil and heat gloves. The Argan oil has been proven effective in treating dry or damaged hair. The gloves provide an easy and safe way to handle the hair tool at high temperatures.

  • Pure ceramic and tourmaline plates
  • Quick heating time
  • Adjustable temperature range
  • Comes with Argan oil and heat glove
  • Lacks an automatic shut-off
  • Feels heavy

2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium U Styler - Ideal for curly hair

Babyliss has a reputation in making top-notch hair styling tools, which combine perfection and innovation with ergonomics and exceptional performance. The Babyliss Pro U Styler is a perfect example of such a hair styling unit.


The LED temperature display is pretty easy to read. Usually, the plates can heat up to a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hotter than most ceramic hair straighteners. These high temperatures result in extremely straight hair.

The plates have curved edges; hence, you can use the tool to make your hair curly or wavy.

The Babyliss Pro flat iron has an ultra-thin structure, which makes it perfect for travels since it is easy to store in small-sized spaces. What’s more, the thin build lowers its overall weight, meaning that you will experience minimal hand fatigue when running it through your hair.


At just 1-inch in width, the Babyliss pro flat iron is perfect for people with short or thin hair. The make of this straightener using nano titanium plates is advantageous in that it emits far-infrared heat, which is effective and causes no heat damage to your hair.

Also, the ceramic plates are able to distribute heat evenly and quickly, delivering up to 50 heat settings. Given the diversity of the heat settings, the flat iron is compatible with most types of hair ranging from fine to coarse hair.


Some of you avoid using flat irons because you are too scared to burn yourself. If you sail in this boat, then you will appreciate the safety features that have incorporated in the Babyliss Pro U Styler. The heat-resistant housing, cool tip and rubber-made thumb rest are not only meant to keep you safe but also make the flat iron feel comfortable when in use.

The plates also produce negative ions that help to seal in moisture into your hair. In turn, the moisture ensures that your hair stays shiny and healthy. Its capability to trap moisture is one factor that gets highlighted in multiple hair straightener reviews.

  • Has 1-inch ceramic plates
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Added safety features
  • LED display that is easy to read
  • Has no auto shut-off setting
  • Ultra-thin build creates a gap between the plates
  • Low-quality cord that gets tangled

3. RUSK Professional Ceramic and Tourmaline Str8 Iron - Best flat iron for thick and wavy hair

Rusk hair straighteners are revered globally, primarily because they enable users to attain excellent results using a professional approach. With the Rusk Professional Str8, you can straighten your hair effectively, giving it a soft and smooth texture. The flat iron also comes with a long cord and digital display, making the unit easy to use.


Rusk Str8 flat iron features titanium-infused ceramic plates. These plates are designed to distribute heat uniformly, starting from the roots to the ends. Using these plates also helps to avoid hot spots, which may arise because of excessive heat.

The flat iron provides a temperature range of between 300 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Although this range is relatively small, it is still compatible and powerful enough to work with different types of hair.

The 1-inch plates are designed to hold heat efficiently enough to straighten any type of hair in a short time.


The Rusk Str8 flat iron can heat up in just 40 seconds. It means that you won’t waste time waiting for it to heat up.

The one feature that most customers liked in the Rusk Str8 flat iron is the digital display. This component shows how the temperature changes as the unit heats up, meaning you can monitor just how close the straightener is to your preferred heat level.

When we tested it, we found the flat iron to be very effective in making locks straight and soft. It straightens locks in just one or two passes, and it never leaves your hair looking frizzy. It was able to hold heat consistently and uniformly across the two plates.

This hair straightener has a cord length of 9 feet, which gives you ample space to move about when styling your hair. The Rusk Str8 also comes with dual voltage capability. This makes it ideal for travels as you can use it even when you travel abroad.

The flat iron is also equipped with a rubber heat mat. What this means is that you can place the device on this mat when using it; hence, protect your countertop surface.

However, some users complain that the flat iron is heavier than other models they have used before. Weighing 9.3 ounces, Rusk Professional Str8 is indeed heavier than most flat irons.

  • Has titanium-infused ceramic plates
  • Long cord
  • Digital display
  • Has dual-voltage capability
  • Instant heat-up
  • Lacks an automatic shut-off
  • Not the best flat iron for those with short hair

4. CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron - Best flat iron for lasting results

To have great-looking hair, you not only need to use the best hair products but also invest in cutting-edge tools. CHI remains to be one of the most recognizable flat iron brands in the industry. More specifically, the CHI G2 hairstyling flat iron model promises a quick heat-up time and a broad range of temperatures to work with.


Upon testing, this hair straightener heated up to a temperature of 425 degrees Fahrenheit in just 40 seconds. This is its highest temperature setting. You can keep tabs on how this temperature rises from the digital display on the flat iron. With such a quick heat-up time, you can style your hair in a very short time.

Based on Amazon reviews, most customers were also pleased by how the flat iron retained its temperature consistently. This feature is a big plus considering that most of the conventional hair straighteners take a long time to recover lost heat.

Another feature that we admire in the CHI G2 is the ceramic build which ensures that the plates heat up uniformly. This, in turn, helps to straighten your hair evenly and efficiently.

User Experience

The CHI G2 weighs about 8.8 ounces. Although it is not the lightest flat iron in our review, it is the lightest one that also maintained a high-quality and durable feel. If you are always style-conscious, then you will appreciate this hair straightener’s slim, sleek structure that is complemented by a glitter finish.

It also has an LCD digital display, which you will see on the top exterior section. This display usually shows the current temperature. If you have activated the preset mode, then the display automatically adjusts its color so you can identify the temperature at a glance.

The CHI G2 also has very responsive floating plates. These components work to create the appropriate pressure around your hair and to prevent heat damage as you straighten it.

The circular-shaped hair straightener has a cord length of 11 feet, allowing for maneuverability and flexibility.

Feature and Accessories

One notable feature of the CHI G2 is the dual-voltage, which is compatible with both 110V and 220V outlets. This way, you can take the iron with you when you travel abroad, or even buy it as a gift for friends who live overseas.

The G2 styling iron also comes with a rubber heat mat, which provides a surface to place it on when in use.

  • Quality temperatures
  • Quick heat-up time
  • Does not come with an automatic shut-off

5. GHD Classic Styler - Best ceramic and titanium flat iron

GHD, which means Good Hair Day, is a European-based firm that deals in hair care tools such as curlers, hair brushes and straighteners. The company’s GHD Classic Styler 1 model, provides a simple and effortless way of straightening and curling your hair. It has a sleek design, and can adjust its heat settings automatically.

Suitability to hair types

The GHD Classic Styler features an exceptional construction in that it does not have any dials or buttons for adjusting temperature. Upon contacting the manufacturer, we learned that the appliance auto-adjusts itself to the optimal temperature when being used. This ensures that no downfall time is lost between passes; hence, allowing you to straighten your hair in a short time.


GHD Classic Styler has the smallest range of temperatures, which start from 347 to 365 degrees Fahrenheit. Although this temperature range is small, it falls in the general temperature range for most flat irons, making it suitable for majority of hair types.

However, if you have thick, coarse or curly hair, the best flat iron is one that has a higher temperature range than that of the GHD model.

We also liked the construction of the 1-inch titanium-plates, which enables them to heat consistently and uniformly.

Are you looking for a flat iron that heats up very quickly? The GHD Classic Styler 1 is your best bet, featuring a heating speed of 17 seconds. Also, the unit remains hot between passes and it feels steadily hot across the plates. However, most online reviewers reported that it took at least three passes to straighten her hair. Only a few managed to straighten their hair with the first pass.

User experience

The body of this flat iron remains cool throughout its usage. As such, you do not have to worry about it becoming too hot or too cold. The tip of the flat iron also remains cool, making it easy to style your hair.

With a weight of 8.6 ounces, the GHD Classic Styler 1 is relatively easy to hold. It also has a light indicator and power switch, which are located on the interior section of the arms.

The circular-shaped body and plate edges, make it convenient to curl, wave or flip your hair as you would want. Furthermore, the floating plates offer some form of cushioning, to avoid scorching your hair.

Features and accessories

If you want to travel internationally, you can carry your GHD Classic Styler with you since it has dual-voltage capability. Additionally, the flat iron comes with a warranty of two years.

  • Smoothens and eliminates frizz
  • Has sleep mode
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • The temperature range is limited
  • No manual control of the temperature settings

6. Conair Infiniti Pro - Budget Choice

For less than 40$, this is among the cheapest flat irons of our list.

Featuring tourmaline-infused ceramic plates, the Conair Infiniti Pro is designed to destroy frizz and make your hair healthier and shinier.

Initially, most manufacturers used metal plates to make flat irons. With this build, it was difficult to straighten hair perfectly as the plates had a tendency to create static while also causing small hairs to fly away.

These flat irons also sapped away any moisture present in the hair shafts. Thankfully, the tourmaline material helps to lock in nutrients and moisture, rather than steaming them away.


The Conair Infiniti Pro has three size options: one inch, 1.5 inches and two inches. The 1-inch straightener is blue, the 1.5 inch one is pink and the 2-inch model is black.

Additionally, this flat iron has a range of temperatures of between 212 and 455 degrees Fahrenheit. You can adjust the temperature settings using the + and – buttons found on the side of the device.

Conair Infiniti Pro heater is made from ceramic. A key advantage of the ceramic material is that it conducts heat to the tourmaline plates evenly and efficiently.


The versatility of temperatures makes it ideal for you to find a temperature setting that works for your specific hair.

This straightener has also been designed to heat up in under twenty seconds. This can significantly reduce the time you take to get ready in the morning. Given its intuitive interface, you will find it easy to select your preferred heat level.

Perhaps the only drawback of the Conair Infiniti Pro flat iron is the high temperature setting. As such, you may find the appliance too hot, particularly if you have fine hair.

  • Lightweight design
  • Intuitive interface
  • Not fit for people with fine hair
  • Not cool to touch if it is plugged in

If you have been encountering problems when styling your hair, resorting to the Remington flat iron model would be a prudent choice. Remington, which is one of the leading brands of flat irons, offers cutting-edge straightening experience, and its Remington S8700 T|Studio PROtect Flat Iron model does just that. The flat iron is known for its broad range of temperatures and a quick heat-up time.


The S8700 hair straightener utilizes vapor infusion technology, which confers numerous perks. The flat iron can rehydrate, protect and straighten your hair, all in one go.

To use the flat iron, first fill up the reservoir with distilled water. Afterward, switch on the vapor button to straighten and style your hair. Remember to press and hold the vapor button for at least two seconds so as to activate it.

The Remington flat iron also features a reasonable temperature range. However, when compared to other top-tier hair straighteners, the temperature, which ranges from 300 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, is rather small.

This flat iron also has a quick heat time of 30 seconds. It is also very heavy weighing 11.75 ounces. For this reason, you may experience arm fatigue if you use the appliance for an extensive period.


One other feature that customers complained about involves the flat iron’s design. Contrary to other hair straighteners, its plates do not stretch from one end to another. As such, there are no rounded plate edges, meaning you can only use the flat iron for straightening.

On the positive side, the flat iron comes with automatic shut-off. This feature turns the flat iron off, if it is left idle for 60 minutes. This way, you are guaranteed that the device will not overheat and cause harm to other people when you forget to turn it off.

The Remington S8700 flat iron also comes with a swivel cord, which offers convenience. The swivel cord ensures that the swivel cord does not get in your way during usage.

  • Features vapor infusion technology
  • Has automatic shut-off
  • Quick heat time
  • Comes with a swivel cord
  • Can only be used for straightening
  • Heavy with a weight of 11.75 ounces

8. Corioliss C3 Black Straightening Iron - Versatile hair styling tool

The Corioliss C3 flat iron is among the top-rated models in the market. It features a sleek design and has multiple temperature settings that help to straighten your hair in a short time. This flat iron is available in four main finishes, namely black, white purple ombre and seafoam ombre.

Suitability to Hair Types

Based on Amazon reviews, the flat iron works well with all types of hair. Most customers reported that they were able to straighten their hair, which was ranging from fine to thick and coarse, in just one or two passes. The best part about this flat iron is that it does not leave any waves or marks on your hair.

When we tested it, this flat iron remained consistently hot and it did not once cause any fluctuations in temperature. The heat remained constant throughout and the unit did not have any manifest heat-recovery time. Regardless of its thin build, the Corioliss C3 plate effectively contained the heat, and the exterior section of the unit was always cool enough to touch.

The temperature for this flat iron ranges between 275 and 455 degrees Fahrenheit. The wide range of temperature is the primary reason for the iron’s versatile usage. Although the titanium plates are only 1-inch thick, they heat up rapidly, reaching as high as 455 degrees Fahrenheit.


One unique feature regarding the Corioliss C3 flat iron is that it does not have temperature adjustment controls. Instead, this unit features four predetermined temperature options labeled 275, 350, 410 and 455. For people with fine or thin hair, the ideal temperature settings are 275 and 350 while for people with thick or coarse hair, the ideal temperature settings are 410 and 455.

The Corioliss C3 employs far-infrared heating technology, which can heat and straighten your hair with just a few passes. Also, the flat iron has a sleep mode, even though it is not equipped with an automatic shutoff. The sleep mode acts as a safety feature as it automatically lowers the temperature whenever the flat iron is left idle.

  • Versatile; hence, it can be used on different hair styles
  • Gives your hair a shiny look
  • Includes a comprehensive manual
  • Minimizes breakage during styling
  • Lacks dual voltage capability
  • Does not have adjustable temperature settings

9. Karmin G3 Salon Hair Straightener - Best Professional Sytling Iron

If you have damaged or fragile hair, you might be wondering which flat iron is safe to use. For such situations, we recommend using the Karmin G3 hair straightener. If your hair has been damaged by heat, chemicals or some other environmental condition, then it requires special treatment and this flat iron is equipped with excellent tourmaline plates that can be used at lower temperatures; hence, minimizing damage.


Most people make their flat iron choices based on functionality rather than looks. Thankfully, the Karmin G3 delivers the best of both worlds. Available in either black or purple colors, its sleek and elegant design is a perfect addition to any dressing table.

The Power of Gemstone

The Karmin hair straightener consists of solid ceramic plates, which are coated with the top-notch quality crushed tourmaline gemstones. What we like about this material is that it is a good conductor of frizz-fighting negative ions, and it also straightens hair efficiently at low temperatures.

This flat iron uses far infrared heat and micro-porous technologies, both of which are known for to lock in moisture; thus, preventing any damage to the shaft and cortex.

Heat and Dual Voltage settings

The Karmin G3 allows you to go as high as 460 degrees of heat. This way, you have full control of nearly any hair style that you want to achieve.

Avid travelers will also appreciate the dual voltage settings installed in this flat iron. This feature allows you to straighten you hair regardless of where your travel to.

  • Dual voltage settings
  • Sleek design
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Solid ceramic plates
  • Expensive
  • emperature dial is difficult to read
  • Not suitable for thick or curly hair

Tangled curly hair not only makes you lose your confidence but it can also compromise the effect that your outfit and makeup that you apply. The Bio Ionic One Pass flat iron ensures that you never get to experience any more bad hair days.

Fernando Romero- the mastermind behind this incredible invention- has a reputation in making a vast range of innovative products, which revolutionize the beauty industry.


The Bio Ionic flat iron is only available in black color, and has a streamlined shape. The edges are tapered and rounded, making it easy to reach the scalp and the section close to your ears. The entire unit is about 10 inches long, with about half of this length going to the straightening plates.

Silicon Speed Strips

The Bio Ionic One Pass features silicone-made speed strips, which allow you to straighten your hair in just one pass. When compared to other hair straighteners, the silicone strips are said to work 50% faster; enabling you to achieve the smooth straight hair in a very short period.

The only drawback to these silicone strips is that they also trap other elements present in your hair. For instance, if you use lotion and other hair products, they are likely to get stuck in the strips as you straighten your hair. Consequently, we recommend cleaning the flat iron after each use.

Nano-Ionic Mineral Technology

The Nano-ionic technology is much faster than other technologies used in hair straighteners. Usually, the plates are Nano-infused with ions, which enhances faster heating and consistent temperatures. Thanks to the ceramic technology, you can use the flat iron with any type of hair.

You can use the plates seamless to tame frizz. The plates are wide enough to be used on thick hair. However, this does not imply that the flat iron cannot handle short hair.

The immense heat generated by the elegantly designed plates lets you straighten your hair without wasting any time. The plates are lightweight and thin, making them easy to work with.

  • Heats up fast
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with any hair type
  • Offers salon-quality results
  • Silicone strips are susceptible to dirt
  • Lacks automatic shut-off
  • May require more than one pass if you have thick hair

Guide to Choosing the Best Flat Iron

It always feels slightly overwhelming, when, for whatever reason, you are in the market for a new flat iron. For every brand, there is a plethora of options to choose from, and multiple factors to consider, not forgetting the complex terminologies in the product descriptions.

No need to worry, as we are here to help. In the following sections, we will take you through the different considerations to account for when purchasing a flat iron.

Plate size

First off, the metal plates on a flat iron vary in length and width. As a rule of thumb, you should pay more attention to the width than the length. With a wide plate, you can straighten a greater portion of your hair at a time.

Nonetheless, narrow plates also have the advantage of being more versatile. They can get as close to your scalp as possible and straighten the roots. Also, a narrow flat iron enables you to create unique effects such as flips and curls.

Another aspect to consider is the length of your hair. Narrow plates are better suited for short hair while wide plate sizes work well with longer hair.

Temperature control

Having the capacity to adjust temperature is preferred, but not an absolute necessary. Usually, flat irons with permanent temperature settings perform better with heat levels of at least 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, if you have fine or damaged hair, your best bet is to get one that has variable temperature settings. To guarantee safety, most straighteners are also equipped with automatic shutoff. For the best results, choose a flat iron whose shut-off period is about twenty minutes.

Flat Irons for Hair Types

Flat irons are designed with the different types of hair in mind. Although there are a few hair straightener models that work well with all hair types, some are compatible with just a specific type.

Fine/Mostly straight hairFine/Curly hairThick/Mostly straight hairThick/Curly/Coarse hair
If you have fine hair that has a tendency to frizz, the ideal flat iron is one with minimal heat output. We recommend investing in a ceramic model that has ultra-smooth plates to help you eliminate the frizz.
If your hair is fine but curly, we advise you to invest in a variable temperature hair straightener. This way, you can select a heat level that works well with your specific mix of hair texture and density. Tourmaline and titanium plates are the best for this type of hair.
Overall, thick hair demands a greater amount of heat than fine hair. Even if you have just a little wave, the best flat iron for people with thick hair is one that has a decent range of temperatures. Aside from temperature, be sure to select a straightener with large-sized plates. This way, you can spread your hair out as you straighten, allowing every strand to get heated evenly.
If you have thick and coarse hair, you should invest in a flat iron that offers both high temperatures and hair protection. Ionized models are perfect for this situation as they protect your hair from getting fried. The appropriate flat iron should also offer high temperatures ranging from 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and be capable of locking in moisture.

Flat Iron Materials and Technologies

As we mentioned earlier, most flat irons were, initially, made of metal. The problem with such metal plates is that they heated unevenly, forcing one to pass the flat iron through the hair numerous times. Also, the surface was rather abrasive, and this resulted in friction and damaged hair.

Thankfully, consumers now have a wide selection of materials and technologies that relate to flat irons. For instance, nano-platting technology is praised for making smooth plates as well as reducing the likelihood of uneven heating. When shopping for a flat iron, you should also account for the technology and material used in its construction.

CeramicIonicTourmalineNano particlesInfrared
Ceramic irons are one of the earliest and most reputable hair straighteners on the market. They heat up quickly and they are able to retain this heat consistently. A ceramic iron works by generating negative ions, which have the effect of improving your hair cuticle and creating long-lasting straight hair. The best part about ceramic irons is that they are compatible with all kinds of hair. Even so, be wary of ceramic coated flat irons. While these straighteners will work effectively at first, the ceramic coating wears off with time, causing them to deteriorate in performance.
When ceramic material is integrated into an ionic process, the outcome is a salon-quality flat iron. Naturally, hair possess positive ions that cause it to look dry and frizzy. With an ionic flat iron, you can combat these positive ions with the negatively charged ones, creating a neutral result that facilitates the shiny, and moisturized hair texture.
Tourmaline irons are still relatively new in the flat iron industry. They consist of ceramic base plates, which are then infused with tourmaline material. Tourmaline straightening models are pretty good at retaining heat and they also perform better at low heats than a majority of the other ions.
Nano technology refers to a process where the materials are restructured to microscopic particles. Materials such as ceramic and titanium can be engineered to smaller sizes so as to boost the smoothness of the plate and produce a high number of negative ions. Nano flat irons are always preferred as they conduct heat more efficiently and can straighten your any type of hair twice as fast.
This technology involves heating your hair from the inside out. It combines with the surface of the heating plates to produce a more uniform in/out heating action. Infrared technology has two key benefits. Firstly, it prevents the flat iron from overheating and causing damage to your hair. It also quickens the styling process, enabling you to achieve your results in a shorter time. Ceramic plates are naturally designed to generate infrared heat. Therefore, the higher the amount of ceramic in the plates, the more infrared energy that will be emitted. Therefore, plates made with more ceramic are preferred.

Flat Iron Accessories

The primary purpose of adding accessories is to boost the safety, performance and versatility offered by a particular flat iron. For instance, some flat irons have fixed brushes. Others, however, are able to slide in and out.

Another handy accessory that may come with your hair tool is a flat iron holder. While some holders are designed to sit on a flat surface, others clamp onto a desk or table. You are also likely to find a heat resistant bag for easy storage of the flat iron, and gloves to protect your hands as you straighten or style your hair. For proper maintenance, some flat irons also come replacement plates and cleaning kits.


Failing to take proper care of your hair is a sure recipe for frizzy, tangled and unhealthy hair. Thanks to the present technology, you can keep your hair in good condition using quality hair tools such as a flat iron.

Some of the best flat irons on the market include the Corioliss C3 Black Straightening Iron, HSI Professional Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron, BIO IONIC Onepass, Conair Infiniti Pro and the RUSK Professional Ceramic and Tourmaline Str8 Iron.

When selecting a flat iron, be sure to take certain aspects into account. These include the type of hair, size and length of the plate and the technology used in making the flat iron.

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