Best Gaming Headsets Reviewed in 2018

Best Gaming Headsets Reviewed in 2018

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Best gaming headset 2017

Gaming headsets have advanced over the years and now have better sound quality. From hearing clear car tire screeches in car racing games to capturing more crisp sound effects in mission games, gaming headsets offer a mind blowing game playing experience.

A lot of time and resources are invested in sound design by game developers. Buying the best gaming headset can be a strenuous task for you owing to the many headsets available in the market. Counterfeits are also in high supply and many buyers have ended up spending countless amount of money on fake headsets that have left them frustrated and disappointed in the long run.

But that nightmare is now over. In this segment you will get a detailed review of the top 10 best gaming headsets in 2017, listing the design features, performance, pros, and cons. You’ll be more informed to make the right buying decision.

Best Gaming Headset 2017

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1. Razer Kraken Pro V2 - Quality and Style

The Razer Kraken Pro V2 is a stereo headset for gamers in search of an easy-to-use headset for voice chat and gaming audio. It’s wired and has superb sound quality for all game types and a professional musical performance.

Design and Features

The Razer Kraken Pro V2 has a good feel when handheld. The top section is coated with a leather material and ‘Razer’ has been imprinted on top of it. The bottom side has a slim mass of foam coated with cloth. It’s comfy to wear and has 322g light weight.

The top part can also be adjusted for height to fit different head sizes. The head grip is, however, rather weak. The lower side has a smooth feel. The sides have a metal frame and the earcups are made from textured plastic and a metallic mesh.

There’s a great flexible adjustment on the earcups with the Razer logo imprinted on both sides. There’s an equally large ear space on the inside giving your ears a comfortable fit. The artificial leather has a fine feel to it.

The microphone retracts neatly into the headset’s left side. It’s also quite flexible when extended and can be adjusted appropriately.

The cable is braided and connects on the left side and may not be replaced when the cord fails. It projects external vibrations to the left earcup upon movement. The stereo makes it compatible with the latest PS4 and Xbox One consoles and PCs. It works with any device having a 3.5mm headphone jack. An adapter will be necessary for PCs using separate 3.5mm in and out ports.

Main features and technical characteristics
  • Retractable microphone
  • Neodymium magnet 50mm drivers
  • 0.71lbs / 322g weight
  • 3.5mm combo jack stereo headset
  • Green, black, and white colors
  • 112dB Headphone sensitivity
  • -38dB Microphone sensitivity
  • Uni-directional Microphone Operation mode
  • Stereo Sound Output
  • 55dB Signal-to-noise Ratio

The Kraken Pro V2 offers a pleasant listening experience for different applications. It is great for gaming and music.

Bass level and punch are superb on the lower-end and there are minimal sharpness traces on the high-end.

Mid-tones are however a bit wanting with a muddy feel and a lack of detail. Gaming performance is exceptional.

Sound stage has a wide feel, considering it’s a closed back headset. Audio tracking is however inhibited owing to the lack of surround sound.

It has a stellar mic with clearly projected vocals. Sound quality differs in different devices owing to the headset being analog.

  • It has an attractive design.
  • It has a punchy bass response.
  • Build quality is strong.
  • The microphone is brilliant.
  • It is comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions.
  • Mid tones have a muddy touch.
  • The head grip is quite weak.

The Kraken Pro V2 is a classic headset with a great body build, an attractive look and delivers a remarkable gaming performance and has a comfy feel for long gaming periods. The Astro A40 TR sounds better than it, but all in all, this headset has a great offer and is quite affordable.

If you’re shopping for a quality listening experience, comfortable long gaming hours, and elegance for your gaming at budget-friendly price, then the Razer Kraken Pro V2 is best option to consider.

2. The HyperX Cloud Stinger - Smart and Comfortable

The HyperX Cloud Stinger is an exceptional analog headset with a smart design and simple adjustment features. It is comfortable to wear for extended gaming sessions. Audio quality is also quite brilliant.

Design and Features

The HyperX Cloud Stinger is a wired stereo featuring a black-jet design and an inscribed red HyperX logo on both earcups. Most part of the headset is made of scratchy plastic with a strong feel.

It is generally compatible with any device having a 3.5mm port. The first cord meter ends with a single 3.5mm jack and connects well with game consoles and mobile devices. The extension cable has two 3.5mm jacks at the tail end for audio and microphone and is used on a PC. The cables, however, are not braided.

The headset’s top section has the HyperX text inscribed on the headband. It is covered with artificial leather. The headband can be adjusted appropriately.

The noise-canceling microphone connected on the left earcup isn’t detachable but is quite flexible.

The earcups have a 90-degree rotation provision and have an artificial leather-coated foam. There’s a volume slider on the lower side of the right cup that enables easy audio volume adjustment.

It weighs 275g and feels quite light. It doesn’t have a tight grip on your head neither does it slip off when you make unsteady movements. It is comfy to wear for prolonged gaming sessions. The padding offers a wonderfully soft feel.

Main features and technical characteristics
  • Earcup slider volume control
  • 3.5mm connectors
  • Memory foam padding
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Black and red Color
  • Controls: Microphone on/off, volume
  • Stereo Sound Output
  • Neodymium magnet 50mm drivers/li>
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 9.7oz/ 275g Weight
  • Boom Microphone

The HyperX Cloud Stinger has an impressive sound quality. The bass isn’t unbearable and the vocal clarity is generally good, offering a remarkable listening experience.

The headset is properly standardized for gaming and offers remarkable performance for any game being played. It’s worth noting that it’s a stereo headset and doesn’t have virtual surround sound.

The noise-canceling mic performance is quite exceptional. Voice recording is also great with well-regulated volume and clear background voice separation even in extremely loud backgrounds. It, however, picks up a lot of static background from connected devices.

  • It’s comfortable and very light.
  • It offers a remarkable audio quality at a low price.
  • The microphone isn’t detachable.
  • It’s an analog headset with no virtual surround sound.

For such a low price, the HyperX Cloud Stinger has a great assortment of features desirable in a headset. It is comfortable to wear for prolonged gaming periods and has an amazing sound quality. The only downside is a non-detachable microphone but overall, it’s a great headset.

If you’re shopping for a variety of features at a low price, then the HyperX Cloud Stinger is the best option to consider.

3. The SteelSeries Arctis 7 - Class and Exceptional Quality

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is a classy gaming headset for PC and PlayStation gamers looking for quality sound. The pair of stereo drivers has a lavish look and feel.

Design and Features

The Arctis 7 is quite expensive but displays exceptional quality. The upper portion has an in-built adjustable headband for fitting. It is detachable and can be replaced with your personal preferred design. When touched, the band doesn’t transmit noise to the headset. This gives it a comfy fit with no side effects. It’s not a big-sized headset and is therefore not a perfect fit for people with big size heads.

The frame’s top piece is aluminum. It connects to the earcups through a plastic joint which has a 90-degree rotation allowance.

There’s a smooth no-glossy coat on the earcups, giving the headset a superb feel when hand held. The oval shaped ear pads are made of silk cloth. It has a comfortable fit while wearing glasses. You can have it on for hours.

Connection is done via a USB transmitter offering a strong signal at varying distances. You can as well connect it to external speakers.

It has a non-detachable microphone that is retractable into the headset. It also has a red LED on the mic’s tip acting as a mute mode notification. The dials and buttons on the ear cups act as the headset’s controls, with volume and microphone level options. They are a bit fussy but easy to get used to. Charging ports are also located here. You can connect an audio sharing 3.5 mm wired device.

Main features and technical characteristics
  • PS4 and PC game support
  • 12m wireless range
  • Black Color
  • 3.5mm jack
  • DTS Headphone X 7.1
  • 9.9oz/ 280g weight
  • -48dB Microphone Sensitivity
  • 2200 ohm Impedance
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Microphone Response Bandwidth: 100Hz
  • Bi-directional Microphone
  • 20Hz Headphone Frequency Response
  • Stereo Sound Output

The Arctis 7 is quite remarkable in gaming and music. The cans have stunning rhythm, with good audio vocals strongly projected against the background instruments. It doesn’t have a high bass, but mid-tones are excellently handled. It has a natural and graceful sound appeal incorruptible by wireless interference.

The headset is equipped with DTS Headphone:X, replicating a sound surround signal via the stereo drivers as you use a gaming PC. The soundstage also opens up a bit.

The sound signature can be changed through the SteelSeries Engine software. It is quite basic and efficient. EQ adjustment is displayed in real-time, DTS Headphone:X activation is simple, and you can save profiles for personal applications.

The microphone functions exceptionally well, picking up clean recordings with no nasally. Noise-canceling technology is great, minimizing background noise significantly. Pickup is a bit quiet but can be increased within the software.

It has a 24-hour full use battery life which is outstanding.

  • It has a remarkable quality build.
  • Its range of operation is wide.
  • It has a long battery life.
  • It projects a punchy clean audio.
  • It’s a small size, making it unfit for people with large heads.
  • It has fussy volume dials.
  • It is wired only to Switch Support and Xbox.

The Arctis 7 is a brilliant audio equipment. It has an expensive feel and appearance and has a remarkable functional design that performs well for long periods of time. Battery life and wireless range are superb and audio quality is fantastic.

If you are looking for a wireless gaming headset for a gaming PC or PS4, then the SteelSeries Arctis 7 is a great option to consider.

4. The Corsair Void RGB Wireless - Sound Revolution, Exceptional Performance

The Corsair Void RGB Wireless headset is best suited for gaming. It provides Dolby Headphone Audio Surround via the Void’s 50mm drivers, with two additional RGB lighting zones and a battery life spanning to about 16 hours in a 12m range.

Design and Features

The Void RGB Wireless is quite resourceful with elegant color and brilliant connectivity options. It’s a classy two-tone combination. The top section is made of tough plastic. The body is adjustable to accommodate large size heads. The headband’s lower side is fitted with a lot of memory foam cloth layering. It has a comfy feel on your head with a light, soft, airy top padding.

The body is made of two earcups medium-sized, neatly connecting through a solid metal hinge with a 90-degree rotation provision. It has a quadrilateral design replicating your ear shape. The earpads are made of soft-touch cloth that can be replaced when they’re worn out.

It is comfortable to wear over long gaming periods but lacks a strong head grip. The sides have a rather bright RGB Corsair logo. The left side has volume controls and a USB connector. The microphone on the left side is foldable, although it’s not detachable. There’s an LED indicator positioned on the tip that is programmable for message transmission in the Corsair CUE software.

Main features and technical characteristics
  • Dolby Headphone Audio Surround
  • 12m range
  • Estimated 16-hour battery life
  • Estimated 16-hour battery life
  • 13.7oz/ 388g weight
  • 20Hz Headphone Frequency Response
  • 107dB Headphone Sensitivity
  • 32 Ohm Headphone Impedance
  • 2.2Ohm Microphone Impedance
  • 100Hz Microphone Response Bandwidth
  • Boom Microphone
  • Audio controls: On/Off, Microphone On/Mute
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 16 Hour Power Run-time

The USB dongle offers a connection point for the headset and it has a 12m range with no static interference. It has a long battery life which experiences minimal reduction from the RGB lighting.

Audio quality is quite strong and performs exceptionally well for games and music. Sound signature balance is phenomenal, working well on the lower end to aid in punch. It handles different music genres quite easily. There’s a lot of potencies and well-regulated highs that never break apart or get lost. It, however, loses detail in mid tones.

Pop filters are lacking in the microphone and are not exciting to listen to. The sound is quite quiet and is affected by static pickup elements.

The Corsair CUE software aids in the headset’s control. The Void’s set up is easy with an adjustable equalizer, RGB settings, and profile options.

  • Audio quality is well balanced.
  • It’s comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions.
  • It has a long battery life.
  • It offers value for money.
  • The headset lacks a firm head grip.
  • The microphone is a bit quiet.

The Void RGB has a comfy feel when wearing, has a strong audio quality level, and a gaming flare design. The microphone is, however, wanting and the headset’s head grip isn’t firm enough. It, however, offers a great feature package at a budget friendly price.

If you’re shopping for simplicity, exceptional audio quality and comfort at a cheap price, then the Corsair Void RGB Wireless headset is the best option to choose.

5. The Kingston HyperX Cloud II -Sound Revolution, Outstanding Performance

The Kingston HyperX Cloud II is the average gamer’s headset choice. It is equipped with a detachable microphone, 53mm big drivers, and sound surround processing. It is compatible with most gaming platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, Mobile, Mac, and PC.

It has a classy touch to it and is fitted with ear cushions coated with leather. It also has an airplane headset adapter and a carrying case. It, however, doesn’t have wireless connectivity and dynamic noise cancellation.

Design and Features

The exterior has a polished metallic finish, a soft black color scheme, and understated logos. It’s however not fashionable.

The interior is exceptional. The ear cushioning is designed with memory foam and has a comfy leatherette material. Velour ear cushions which are scarce in many headsets are also available in it. The microphone is detachable.

In-line controls are absent in the HyperX Cloud II but present in the USB sound card. This is a smart design choice. It is compatible with Mac and PC and is able to process the 7.1 virtual sound surround headset features. The number of controls for the microphone and the speakers are quite limited as well.

In some gaming devices, plugging in is done through the 3.5mm cable. The headset connects directly to the mobile or tablet device, whereas you plug into the DualShock 4 for the PS4. You need to have the Headset Adapter of the Official Xbox One Stereo to connect to the Xbox One. You’ll have to change a few simple system settings for effective functionality.

Surround sound is available only when using a Mac or PC. Other devices only have stereo sound available.

Main features and technical characteristics
  • USB connection
  • 7.1 Virtual Sound Surround
  • Superior quality build
  • Xbox One, PS4, and PC support
  • Universal device support
  • 11.29oz/ 320g Weight
  • Stereo Sound Output
  • 98dB Headphone Sensitivity
  • 60 Ohm Headphone Impedance
  • Boom Microphone
  • 50Hz Microphone Response Bandwidth
  • 105dB Maximum Microphone Max Sound Pressure
  • Audio Controls: Volume, Microphone On/Off, Surround On/Off
  • Black/ Gray Color

The HyperX Cloud II has a powerful and detailed stereo sound. The 53mm drivers offer a lot of punch on the lower side and are a bit lively on the higher side. It works best in video games.

The 7.1 channel virtual sound surround is available on the Mac and PC via the USB sound card. The Sound card uses any multiple channel source, for instance, a game, and does a remix of it for the stereo speakers of the headset.

Active noise cancellation is absent, but the closed design of the headphone bars out a lot of external noise. Audio customization is also absent.

The microphone is phenomenal for multiplayer gameplay. The sound card offers external noise and echo cancellation. It also keeps in check incoming chat volume and increases it automatically as the game becomes louder.

  • The sound quality is superb.
  • The extra features are exceptional.
  • The classy finish is top-notch.
  • The carry case is weak.
  • The headphone’s cord is not detachable.

The HyperX Cloud II has a good offer on it with all the best gaming features desirable in a headset and is compatible with major gaming platforms. The controls positioned on the sound card make it even much better. An alternative headset to this would be the Plantronics Rig Surround or the SteelSeries Siberia V3.

If you’re shopping for excellent features at a low price, then the Kingston HyperX Cloud II is the headset to consider.

6. The Astro A40 TR Gaming Headset -Superior Comfort, Matchless Performance

The Astro A40 TR is a wired stereo headset designed for PC and PlayStation consoles. It is compatible with Xbox One controllers equipped with the latest 3.5mm jacks.

Design and Features

It is striking with an aggressive style and has a two-toned color scheme and well-detailed curves. The build quality is firm with the earcups and headband having a solid feel. It’s made of plastic.

It can also be customized, where the earcups and headband, puddings and covers can be exchanged through a Mod kit. An upgrade can also be done on the microphone.

There’s a sliding mechanism on the sides allowing users to adjust the headband as desired. There’s enough padding on the headband offering great comfort. Earcups have detachable magnetized covers. When detached, they turn the headset into an open back design.

The detachable microphone is located on the left earcup. It snaps on and off and is easily adjustable thanks to its flexible design. The cable can be removed through the 3.5mm port located on the lower side. The 2m cable is long enough.

The padded soft material on the earcups and headband gives the headset a comfy feel when worn on long gaming periods. It weighs over 300g but doesn’t feel heavy. It has a tight but comfortable head grip. The cloth material prevents excess sweating and overheating.

You can have the MixAmp Pro included in the headset’s purchase which offers extra dials and buttons coupled with Dolby Pro Logic IIx Sound Surround. The volume dials are a plus for PC and console users. The multiple connections offer better listening, for instance, being able to incorporate an external source of audio to your game.

Main features and technical characteristics
  • Detachable microphone
  • Optional DAC MixAmp
  • Universal 3.5mm jack
  • 12.7oz/ 360g Weight
  • Stereo Sound Output
  • 20Hz Headphone Frequency Response
  • 40 Ohm Headphone Impedance
  • Boom Microphone
  • 1 Year Warranty

The Astro A40 TR offers superb audio quality for games, movies, and music. Sound is well balanced and it handles different music genres brilliantly. Bass is punchy but isn’t overpowering. Mid-tones are well rounded with no muddy effect, vocals are clean and clear.

The headset is remarkably good in gaming. Though it lacks a surround sound, it has a somewhat wide soundstage which can be further widened by detaching the side covers and using the MixAmp Pro.

The microphone is clear with minimal static when used with MixAmp. Placing the microphone close to your mouth is easy, though it produces recordings with a nasally sound.

The Digital Analogue Converter (DAC) located inside the MixAmp works well to offer a crisp clean listening experience. Distortion is also regulated and large volumes are well projected.

  • It has top-notch audio quality.
  • It’s comfortable to wear over long periods.
  • It can be customized to suit your needs./li>
  • It has an optional MixAmp that functions exceptionally well.
  • It is an expensive headset.
  • The microphone is a bit nasally.
  • The design appealing to every person.

This is by far one of the most remarkable headsets in the market. It offers superior comfort when worn for long gaming hours and the sound quality is top-notch. If you seek for a wired option headset and are willing to spend extra, then The Astro A40 TR is the best choice to pick.

7. The Sennheiser GSP 300 - The Ultimate Multipurpose Headset

The Sennheiser GSP 300 is great for gamers looking for a multipurpose headset for gaming, music, and chatting. It has a great body build and remarkable audio quality. It has a lightweight and is very comfortable to wear over prolonged gaming periods.

Design and Features

The GSP 300 has compact cans with minimal impression when the microphone isn’t in use. It has a two-tone design with the blue outer cover and the gray body color complementing each other. It has a plastic body build and is perfectly packaged together.

The top part has a cloth covering with much pudding offering a cozy fit on your head. Clamping force is also well controlled with a tight but regulated head grip.

The earcups have an oval shape allowing your ears to snuggle well inside. The size is good with a leatherette finish. It has a good feel on the head but a bit hot and sweaty on prolonged gaming sessions.

A large boom microphone is attached on the left side. It is undetectable, limiting its flexibility. There’s a big easy-to-use volume wheel on the right side.

It has an easy connection. Those using PC plug in both 3.5mm jacks. Console users utilize the available adapter to form a 4-pole 3.5mm jack which then directly connects to your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller.

Main features and technical characteristics
  • PC and console support
  • Analogue Stereo Surround
  • Microphone with noise-canceling
  • 12.8oz/ 362g Weight
  • 15Hz Headphone Frequency Response Rate
  • 113dB Headphone Sensitivity
  • 10Hz Microphone Response Bandwidth
  • 19 Ohm Headphone Impedance
  • -41dBV Microphone Sensitivity
  • Blue/Black Color
  • 2 Year Warranty

The GSP 300 delivers quality sound at all points. Sound vocals in music are well detailed with a smooth richness. It lacks an overpowering bass in the low-end. Higher notes are a bit too sharp and not well controlled. It is great for gaming. The sound’s warmth and clarity make it quite resourceful.

The microphone’s sound is crisp and clear picking vocals with no distortion. It has minimal nasally. There’s a great quality variation in different devices owing to this headset being analog. PC front panel connections are most likely to encounter static pick up.

  • It has remarkable microphone quality.
  • It has a big adjustable volume dial.
  • It’s an excellent choice for gaming and music.
  • It feels comfortable while wearing.
  • The microphone isn’t detachable.
  • It has only one available ear pad set.
  • High notes become a bit sharp.

The Sennheiser GSP 300 is a great headset with remarkable gaming cans. Sound quality is strong, build quality is great eliminating accidental damage, and the price is budget friendly. The downside is the microphone being non-detachable and audio quality control on the higher end is wanting.

All in all, the GSP 300 is a great headset with a good performance, comfort, and is easy to use. If you’re shopping for a budget friendly headset, then the Sennheiser GSP 300 is a great option to consider.

8. The Logitech G433 - Dual Microphone Performance, Top-notch Sound

The Logitech G433 is a wired headset for gaming offering 7.1 virtual sound surround, a distinct fabric covering, and two detachable microphones. It works perfectly for both console gamers and PC users. The setup process is relatively simple and it has numerous connectivity options. It has a comfortable design and a smooth sound signature.

Design and Features

The G433 has a glossy colored fabric layered on each ear cup. It has a unique appearance and is available in blue and black colors.

The top part is made of a scratchy plastic material, while the headband’s underside is layered with a cloth-covered foam. The top section can be adjusted to fit all head sizes whereas the ear cups have 90-degree rotation provision for extra flexibility.

The sides have a slim color-matched cloth layer with the Logitech logo imprinted on both sides. The earcups can be replaced with the available microfiber and cloth. They are comfy to wear for long gaming periods without forming an uncomfortable heat build-up.

The headset is quite flexible, having detachable cables and microphones. The ideal configuration that console gamers can use is the boom microphone and a 3.5mm 4-pole cable, whereas PC gamers can use the DAC USB for Virtual sound surround 7.1. There’s an extra cable for an inline microphone appropriate for portable gaming.

There’s a free Logitech Gaming Software download. It can enable DTS Virtual Sound Surround and can alter the EQ settings. User profiles with game specific settings can also be created.

Main features and technical characteristics
  • 3.5mm USB compatible
  • Outstanding fabric covering
  • Detachable boom microphone
  • 7.1 Headphone X DTS
  • 9.14oz/ 259g Weight
  • 40Hz Headphone Frequency Response Rate
  • 107dB Headphone Sensitivity
  • Electret Condenser Microphone
  • 100Hz Microphone Response Bandwidth
  • 32 Ohm Headphone Impedance
  • Surround Sound Output
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Microfiber and mesh ear pads

The G433 is well-balanced with a less bass tone range that doesn’t break up on high notes. Sound isn’t well detailed and it often becomes touch muddy.

It, however, excels on gaming. The bass level is well regulated with minimal muddiness. It has virtual sound surround when using DAC USB that serves to boost soundstage in games.

The boom microphone is excellent with super clean recordings. Audio is clear as you use the DAC USB. Noise canceling technology works remarkably well in clearing low-level background noise. It however still sounds a bit nasally.

The inline mic is flexible and is of great convenience for gamers who travel a lot. It, however, won’t offer the same quality sound standard. It works well for an in-game chat while you play from home.

  • It’s a highly flexible headset.
  • It’s comfortable to wear for long gaming hours.
  • It has a classy fabric design.
  • It’s a well-rounded audio./li>
  • It’s quite expensive though it lacks an expensive appeal.
  • It’s not a great choice for listening to music.

The G433 is great and it stands out really well. It has a superb fabric covering and exceptional sound for gaming. The microphone does a splendid job and the headset feels light and airy. It’s however not designed to have an expensive feel, but in a nutshell, it is excellent.

If you’re shopping for high flexibility and great sound quality for gaming, then the Logitech G433 is the way to go.

9. The Sades Spirit Wolf 7.1 Gaming Headset - More features, Less Price

The Sades Spirit Wolf 7.1 is an exceptional gaming headset to purchase if you’re looking to spend less money on more features and gain a competitive edge in your game play. It comes fitted with up-to-date acoustic engineering, providing a vast array of treble and bass tones.

The sounds produced by the headset are well complemented by LED lights placed on each earcup. It’s quite comfortable with a soft long-lasting memory foam. Noise canceling is great, creating a good interaction environment for the gamer that’s free from distractions.

Design and Features

The Sades Spirit has a sturdy build, made of high-quality memory foam that fits well with your ear shape and head size. The foam is soft and long lasting. You can wear this headset comfortably for several gaming hours.

The ear cups are comfortable and adjustable. Whether you have a large or small-sized head, you will have long relaxed game play periods.

The headset doesn’t put extreme pressure on your temples or forehead, allowing you to experience a smooth gaming process.

The cord extending from the headset is conveniently fitted with volume controls, mic volume controls, and mute controls. This eliminates the clutter of having several wires and increases the connection’s durability by eliminating secondary connections that easily break after continuous handling.

Main features and technical characteristics
  • USB Power Supply
  • Blue, Black, Red, white Color
  • Volume and Microphone Control and Mute Switch
  • Voice Recognition
  • 2m Cable length
  • 115dB Sensitivity
  • 20-20000HzFrequency Range
  • Windows and Mac Compatibility
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • High-Quality Memory Foam
  • 275g Weight

The microphone is excellently built and has a clear sound. It doesn’t have feedback that causes noise distortion. You can clearly communicate without any hitches.

Sound technology is exceptional. It is fitted with 7.1 surround sound which produces clean loud music and vocals. The noise canceling feature ensures an uninterrupted gaming session.

The headset, however, has restricted compatibility since it’s only compatible with Mac and PC computers. It doesn’t work with other devices such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii. It also doesn’t work with smartphones, iPads, and iPhones. This greatly limits the headset’s capabilities. It’s, however, a good PC gaming headset.

  • It’s a great gaming headset in addition to listening to music and movies
  • It has a high-quality microphone
  • It’s comfortable to wear for long gaming periods
  • The controls are placed on the headset’s cable, providing convenience and reducing cable clutter
  • It offers more features at an extremely cheap price
  • It’s not compatible with other devices such as Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, as well as smartphones, iPads, and iPhones..

The Sades Spirit Wolf offers a wide range of features for an incredibly low price. It offers great comfort, is highly durable, has a superb microphone, matching LED earcup lights, simple cord with volume controls, and a USB connection.

The downside of it, however, is that it doesn’t work with other devices except for a PC and Mac computer. If you are a budget gamer who is looking for quality features at a low price, then the Sades Spirit Wolf 7.1 Gaming headset is the perfect choice to buy.

10. The Astro A50 Wireless - The Wireless Headset Pace Setter

The Astro A50 is an expensive headset. It has a great body build, wonderful sound, and offers a superb sound surround experience.

Design and Features

The Astro A50 is a merger of a USB base station and a weighted wireless headset. The base station links to your gaming console or PC and holds the wireless transmitter for communication with the headset.

It magnetically seats when docked, bringing out a unified experience. When not in use, place it in the dock to retain more charge.

There are several headset types. Xbox and PS4 have a different connection type. PC users can opt for any of the available types. It’s important to get the correct option for full functionality. The Xbox type is green in color whereas the PS4 version has a blue and black design.

The body build is made from tough no-glossy plastic and joined together by two metallic pieces on the side. The top section is adjustable to fit different head sizes. This is a wireless headset with a lightweight on the head and is coated with a thick foam layer. This piece can be removed together with the earcups to fit your desired preference.

The earcups have a 90-degree rotation and a soft feel of the plastic. There’s a large space to fit your ears. The headband and ear pads match well. The gray fabric fits comfortably and isn’t vulnerable to overheating as is the case in leather headsets.

The head grip is firm and comfortable.

The microphone is flexible and can be tucked away easily. There’s also a real-time voice monitoring option. This headset is digital, allowing for several adjustments to be made via the present buttons. The volume wheel and power switch buttons are located on the bottom side. The top button is enabled for Dolby Audio.

EQ and volume can be directly controlled via the downloadable software when connected to a Mac or PC.

Main features and technical characteristics
  • 7.1 Virtual Audio Dolby Headphone
  • Neodymium magnets 40mm Drivers
  • 30ft Wireless range
  • Magnet base charging station
  • PS4/PC/Xbox One Compatible
  • Stereo Sound Output
  • 48 Ohm Headphone Impedance
  • 20Hz Headphone Frequency Response
  • Uni-Directional Microphone
  • Dolby Surround Sound
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 0.81lbs/ 363g Weight
  • Blue/Black Color

The A50 offers impressive raw audio quality. Even the most delicate sound can be recreated by the 40mm drivers, creating a unique listening experience. Music also plays well with the cans easily handling a vast array of different genres. The sound signature is perfectly balanced but the soundstage doesn’t have a wide feel as expected to be. Wireless range is at 30ft.

With regards to gaming, this headset has the most realistic audio surround. There’s a great response to bass. Light tones are replicated perfectly and the vocals echo superbly.

The microphone is, however, not exceptional for recording, and popping sounds aren’t well handled.

  • It’s easy to use.
  • It has an excellent surround sound.
  • It has a great audio quality.
  • It’s very comfortable to wear for long gaming periods.
  • It’s an expensive headset.
  • Its design isn’t appealing.
  • It has an excessively firm head grip.

The A50 has a great sound signature design and a comfy feel when worn for long gaming periods. It also has a perfect wireless performance. It’s easy to set up, it has outstanding sound quality and an excellent wireless system. Simply put, it’s a great gaming headset.

If you have a high budget spend and are shopping for a quality wireless system and a comfy feel, then the Astro A50 is the best option to consider.

There you have it, a detailed review of the best gaming headsets that you can buy for the best gaming experience in 2017. You now have all the necessary insight to make the best headset purchase choice that lines up with your desired features budget.

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