Best Smartwatches Reviewed in 2018

Best Smartwatches Reviewed in 2018

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Best Smartwatches 2018

Without a doubt, smartwatch popularity has not reached where the companies manufacturing them had hoped it would at this point. Nonetheless, smartwatch quality has improved tremendously over the first-generation models.

We now have smartwatches that emulate the capabilities of fitness trackers such as heart rate monitoring. Other models have gone down the luxury lane, matching the style of traditional timepieces.​

Are you in the market for a new smartwatch but don’t know where to start?

In the following guide, we have broken down the features of some of the best smartwatches 2018, to help pick a timepiece that is right for you.

Best Smartwatches 2018

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Device NameDisplay InchesEst. Battery LifePhone OS CompatibilityColor Choices
Apple Watch Series 21.518hiOSSilver, space grey, rose gold, gold
Apple Watch Series 11.6518hiOSSilver, space grey, rose gold, gold
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier1.372hAndroid, iOSBlack
Garmin Fenix 5S1.224hAndroidBlack
Asus ZenWatch 31.3948hAndroid, iOSGunmetal, silver, rose gold
Huawei watch1.248hAndroid, iOSBlack
Pebble Time Smartwatch1.252-3daysAndroid, iOSBlack, white, rose gold
Samsung Gear S21.224hAndroid, iOSSilver, dark grey
Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch1.255daysAndroid, iOSBlack
Motorola Moto 360 Modern Timepiece1.5624hAndroid/Android 4.3Black, stone grey, natural metal, champagne metal, dark metal, light metal, cognac leather

1. Apple Watch Series 2 - The best luxury smartwatch

You probably have several friends who have an Apple Smart-Watch and swear by it.

But, besides being an excellent time-keeper, Apple’s second-generation smartwatch also doubles up as a fitness tracker.

Regardless of whether you like exercising on the treadmill, cycling outdoors or swimming in open water, Apple Series 2 is just the device you need to keep track of your progress via its first-rate hardware and intuitive applications.


Even anti-Apple critics agree that the company has always excelled when it comes to design. Apple Watch Series 2 does not look that different from the original Series 1. As such, the rectangular pattern has been retained, and it still offers an expedient way to zoom in and out.

However, the button beneath the crown has been enhanced with new features, allowing you to browse the apps dock with relative ease.

Also, the Series 2 comes in four different colors: silver, space grey, gold and rose gold.

Another admirable feature of the smartwatch is that it is more durable than the earlier generation.

The majority of smart watches have water and dust resistance rating of IP67 or IP68. With such a rating, a device can only stay submerged in water for a limited duration. The Apple Watch Series 2 has water-resistance of up to a depth of 50 meters, making it the ideal companion for surfers and swimmers.


Apple Watch Series 2 comes with an upgrade from single-core processors to the S1P and S2 dual-core processors. The latter dual-processors offer up to 50% faster speeds compared to the single processors. Another welcome upgrade that we really admired is the built-in GPS. To put it simply; it means that you can keep tabs on your workouts more accurately without having to carry the paired iPhone.

Based on reviews, some other features that customers liked include the heart rate sensor, accelerometer, the brighter OLED (organic LED) display and the watchOS.

  • Superior performance
  • Inbuilt GPS
  • Range of apps
  • Waterproof
  • Easy scrolling with digital crown
  • Pricey
  • Short battery life
  • iOS only

2. Apple Watch Series 1 - Elegant and built to last

If you have a limited budget, but still want to purchase one of Apple’s finest smart watches, the Watch Series 1 is an excellent alternative.

Going for $100 less than Apple Series 2, this smartwatch has almost all the features that you would find in the Series 2.

The only features missing in the Apple Watch Series 1 are waterproofing capability and the built-in GPS unit.


That said, most of the Series 1 features are the same as those you would find in the Series 2 model. For instance, Apple Watch Series 1 features the most recent watchOS 3 version. With this software, the Glances section has been substituted with a new Dock, which you access when you press the button on the side. Doing so displays a list of those apps, which you have set to appear on the screen permanently, and the apps that you have used most recently.

The majority of smartwatch battles are won and lost on the operating system platform. Apple seems to be excelling with its watchOS while the Android Wear 2.0 by Google is also regarded a reliable and top-notch operating system. Samsung’s Gear S3 runs on a fascinating third-entrant OS called Tizen.

Tizen has gained popularity among smartwatch maniacs, particularly because of how it is incorporated with the rotating bezel. When you twist the bezel, you are taken through a series of updates and notifications, whilst still utilizing the screen for other select functions.

We find the dock to be one of the biggest changes in the watchOS 3. It lets you switch from one app to another, control music on either your iPhone or smartwatch and customize the layout of your applications.


Have you been looking for a fitness device that can help you stay active and connected? Then your best bet is to purchase Apple’s Watch Series 1. Some of you may think that the absence of a GPS unit in this smartwatch renders it inoperable when it comes to health and fitness.

The truth is that Apple Watch Series 1 is as effective a fitness smartwatch as other models. The interface has rings, which indicate how active you are on any given day. Put simply; the smartwatch can track how many steps you have taken as well as the number of calories that you have burned. It also has a platform for sharing your activity rings with friends or family.

  • Light- feels comfortable to wear
  • High speed due to presence of dual-core processors
  • Cheaper than Series 2
  • Uses watchOS 3 operating system
  • The display is not as bright
  • Lacks waterproofing capability
  • No GPS unit
  • Battery life is short

3. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier - Best smartwatch for Android users

The successor to the sought-after Gear S2 has finally been unveiled. Samsung Gear S3 is the firm’s most recent and, supposedly, greatest invention. With Gear S3, Samsung has opted to offer its clients up to two designs. One is the more casual Frontier, for outdoor purposes; and the Classic model, designed to be a luxury smartwatch.

Both of these models are run using Tizen-based 2.3.2 operating system, and they are compatible with Samsung Android phones as well as iPhones.


If you have a skinny wrist, the Samsung Gear S3 is not the best fit for you. The company decided to go big with S3 design, a factor that is likely to put off users, who were hoping for something similar to the Gear S2. The frame is at least 46mm, making it a more bold timepiece. It is also slightly thicker and heavier, weighing 63 grams.

So, does it look elegant on the wrist? This is something that has triggered a debate among the wearable-tech lovers. But, a few months after its release, we find the Gear S3 too big to be worn by most individuals.

Performance and Functionality

With regards to durability, the Frontier features an IP68 certified water-resistance. What this means is that you can submerge the watch in water up to a depth of 1.5 meters for about half an hour. According to customer reviews, you can take this watch to the shower multiple times, without causing any damage to its specs.

Unfortunately, the smartwatch is not entirely waterproof, and we advise against using the device for swim tracking.

The majority of smartwatch battles are won and lost on the operating system platform. Apple seems to be excelling with its watchOS while the Android Wear 2.0 by Google is also regarded a reliable and top-notch operating system. Samsung’s Gear S3 runs on a fascinating third-entrant OS called Tizen.

Tizen has gained popularity among smartwatch maniacs, particularly because of how it is incorporated with the rotating bezel. When you twist the bezel, you are taken through a series of updates and notifications, whilst still utilizing the screen for other select functions.

To access quick settings such as music player or screen brightness, you simply swipe down the main screen. Tizen is no far cry from Apple’s watchOS and Android Wear as it also allows you to add and alter features.

  • Intuitive software
  • Excellent activity-tracking features
  • Absence of vital apps
  • Big size for the wrist

4. Garmin Fenix 5S - Advanced fitness GPS smartwatch

After spending one year away from creating outdoor GPS-enhanced watches, Garmin has come back with an all-time tracking device.

The Fenix 5S alongside its previous iterations are perfect for individuals intending to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trails or pretty much any other place.

We took the watch for both running and skiing tests and were remarkably impressed with its performance. Although the watch does not come cheaply, the Garmin Fenix 5S is an excellent all-purpose GPS watch.

Design and Display

Fenix 5S, which is primarily meant for an outdoor environment, constitutes a rugged exterior; hence, it can withstand some abuse. There are five screws holding the black bezel in place and five more circular buttons that hold the 1.2-inch display. There is also an inner bezel around the screen and another outer bezel; combined they measure about half an inch.

Garmin’s primary focus is still on the display’s clarity, which is a welcome addition given its use as a fitness watch. We found the 5S to be relatively easy to read in an array of lighting conditions. In fact, it has a backlight that makes it easy to read in the dark.

The Fenix 5S package has a silicon band. However, you can replace the silicon band with other types of colors and materials thanks to Garmin’s ‘QuickFit’ release mechanism. Ideally, the silicon band is not a conventional strap, and you can choose uniquely made straps if you want a more complex look.


The Fenix 5S is by far, the most capable fitness smartwatch. The watch is equipped to handle a broad variety of activities ranging from cycling to water sports and skiing.

To start your workout, all you need to do is to tap the top right icon and then scroll to your preferred activity. Garmin also allows you to add customized activities including 3D distance, auto lapping, and metronome among others.

Besides fitness and activity tracking, Garmin has also incorporated some limited smart features. The highlight of these is on notifications, whereby you can receive texts, calls, WhatsApp alerts, email updates and lots more on the smart watch.

  • Durable design
  • The display is readable outdoors
  • Long battery life
  • Customizable display
  • Costly
  • HR tracking can be improved
  • Garmin Connect app fails to work

5. Asus ZenWatch 3 - Affordable, fashionable and competent

A short while after the inception of Android Wear, ASUS ventured into the smartwatch market with the original ASUS ZenWatch.

Two years and one iteration down the line, the ZenWatch line has released a new smartwatch model- the ZenWatch 3.

But, does ASUS’ most recent smartwatch provide a better experience compared to its competitors? Read on to learn more about its specs.


What most customers love about the ZenWatch 3 is the full range of color options that you can choose from. These include: silver, rose gold and gunmetal. Also, the watch face consists of a nicely-shaped circular body enclosed in an accented diamond-made bezel. We also loved how ZenWatch managed to pull off the circular design without a ‘flat tire.'

Are you looking for a smartwatch that offers a traditional look? ZenWatch is just the gadget to buy. It is made using leather wrist straps, providing an excellent balance of comfort and style, and making it one of the best wearable tech. However, the smartwatch may be a tad too small if you have a large wrist.


Another feature that we liked in the ZenWatch 3 is the 1.3 circular AMOLED display that is coupled with a resolution of 400*400. With the ambient light sensor, the smartwatch adjusts its brightness automatically. It eliminates the hassle of having to fine tune the brightness manually.


One feature that makes ZenWatch devices stand out is the inclusion of Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip.

This chip, which is specifically designed for smartwatches, facilitates optimal performance and longer battery life. Scrolling through the notifications is easy, and it’s rare to encounter an appreciable amount of lag when using the smartwatch.


ZenWatch 3 is also dust and water-resistant, given its IP67 certification. However, it is not advisable to have the smartwatch on, when taking a shower.

For connectivity, the smartwatch utilizes Bluetooth 4.1 to link with your smartphone. It also supports Wi-Fi for secondary backup. Regrettably, ZenWatch 3 lacks vital features such as a heart rate monitor and a GPS unit.

  • Responsive touchscreen
  • Elegant designs
  • Can track sleeping hours accurately
  • Quick charging of battery
  • Inaccurate measurement of fitness
  • Not GPS-enhanced
  • Lacks a heart rate monitor

6. Huawei Watch - Great value for the money

The Huawei watch is still among the best Android smart watches. Just recently, the company released two variants, just as Samsung did with its Gear S3 model. The two alternatives are Huawei Watch 2 and Huawei Watch 2 Classic.

If you pay close attention to the design of these two model, you will be quick to notice that the Huawei Watch 2, which is also LTE-enhanced is the sportier of the two.

Design and Functionality

The two models run on Google’s Android Wear 2.0. Some of the upgrades on this operating system include the ability to: add standalone apps and customize the watch face. There are also tons of other aesthetic improvements on the interface.

In addition to the Android Wear 2.0, the smartwatch also has Google Assistant on standby. With this Assistant feature, you can add items to your shopping lists, set calendar notifications, make reservations at restaurants and even monitor connected gadgets around your home.

Another perk that comes with Android Wear 2.0 entails the enhanced support for mobile payments through the Android Pay. Both Watch 2 and Watch 2 Classic constitute NFC chips, which is handy when using your device with Android Pay.

Activity Tracking

Huawei Watches have become popular primarily because of their top-of-the-line specifications. However, there is one area where Huawei falls short, and that is in internal storage space. Both the Watch 2 and Watch 2 Classic types have 4 GB of onboard memory space. Unfortunately, you only get access to 2.3 GB of the 4GB. While you will have room to store files, music and other media, this space is limited.

  • Lightweight design
  • Multiple Sports sensors
  • Can track sleeping hours accurately
  • NFC and Android Pay Convenience
  • Small-sized screen display
  • Thick bezels
  • Limited storage space

7. Pebble Time Smartwatch - Best for budget and battery life

For nearly two years, Pebble had managed to stay ahead of the curve in the smartwatch making industry. In 2012, the company raised a whopping $10MLN after inventing the simple monochrome e-paper wristwatch.

But, as we all know, concepts in the world of technology spread rapidly. Soon after, Google came up with Android Wear while Apple created its Apple Watch Series 1 and 2. To stay ahead of its competitors, Pebble created the Pebble Time Smartwatch.


If you prefer chic, fashion-forward smartwatches, the Pebble Time Smartwatch might not be the perfect fit for your needs. This smartwatch is more geek than stylish. Still, it has all the charm, which make it a simple everyday timepiece.

While the majority of smartwatches tend to be big and overly bulky, Pebble’s 40.5 * 37.5 mm case is neither too big nor too small for the average person. The display is enclosed in a stainless steel border, which gives it a touch of class and elegance.


As was the case with the original Pebble, you should link your smartwatch to a smartphone for it to operate. We advise that you first install the Pebble Time app, which can be accessed by both Android and iOS users. Afterward, go through the guidelines for pairing your phone and smartwatch, and you are ready to start enjoying Pebble’s extensive services.

Performance and Battery Life

Overall, Pebble Time is a relatively basic smartwatch. Its performance is pretty average- a stark difference to the high-end smartwatches. Unlike Apple and Samsung, Pebble has not gone overboard by incorporating state-of-the-art displays and powerful processors. Instead, the Pebble timepiece has an e-paper display, a perfect complement to its other features. In fact, the simple make of Pebble Time Smartwatch results in a long battery life.

  • Impressive battery life
  • Always-on color display
  • Wide selection of apps
  • Exceptional timeline interface
  • Limited functionality for the iOS
  • Voice function cannot extend to Google Now or Siri
  • You can only choose one app to track activities
  • Expensive given the features it offers

8. Samsung Gear S2 - Fast, functional and with the best apps

Samsung’s smartphone panels are one of the best in the industry.

As such, the design of Samsung Gear S2 with the AMOLED display should not come as a surprise to its users.

The display measures 1.2 inches coupled with a 360*360 resolution. One feature that makes the smartwatch really stand out involves the rich and vivid colors that are nicely complemented by a black-colored background.

Given that the smartwatch uses an AMOLED display, you can set your device to ambient mode. What this means is that it will continue showing time, though it will only burst into life once you look at the smartwatch directly.

You will also be pleased to learn that brightness is not a problem with this Samsung’s Gear S2. The only aspect likely to disappoint you is the lack of auto-brightness configurations.

Interface, Specs and Battery Life

The Samsung Gear S2 operates like any other smartwatch. As such, it notifies you of texts, emails, and other notifications. Anytime you receive a message or email update, the watch vibrates and then shows the message.

The Samsung Gear S2 is equipped with a 250mAh battery, which is rather small for such a high-end smartwatch. The company alleges that this battery can last for two up to three days if it remains turned off and about one and a half days if it remains turned on. Upon testing, we found this information to be spot on, as the battery lasted for three days with mixed usage.


Another admirable feature of the Samsung Gear S2 is the ability to personalize your watch face. You can modify every single detail of the watch face to suit different occasions. On the same note, changing the band of your Gear S2 is remarkably easy. You only need to establish the band that fits your occasion.

  • Bright display
  • Has a rotating bezel
  • Not restricted to Samsung handsets
  • Expensive
  • The voice search feature is slow

9. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch - A simple, everyday Fitbit wear smartwatch

The world of fitness and activity tracking devices is filled with variability yet void of a proper monopoly.

But, amongst renowned brands such as Garmin and Samsung, there is one name that remains a de facto forerunner: Fitbit, the firm most synonymous with fitness brands. Although each organization features its own version of flagship, Fitbit has stepped up, and designed a jack-of-all-trades fitness smartwatch dubbed the Blaze.


With regards to design, Fitibit Blaze looks more of a smartwatch than a fitness tracker. The 1.2-inch sized display is detachable, and is surrounded by a metal frame with rubber textured band.

As far as smartwatches go, the Fitbit Blaze is not the most stylish on the market. It lacks the top-end feel that you would get from the Huawei or Apple Watch models. However, it looks fairly good compared to sport-watches such as the Razer Nabu Watch.

Tracking and Software

Although the Fitbit Blaze is flush with health and fitness apps, it also lacks vital features such as water-resistance capability. As such, we highly recommend against wearing the smartwatch when heading to the shower or a swimming session. It also fails to have a reliable GPS unit.

However, there are several features to like about the Fitbit Blaze smartwatch. They include the 3-axis accelerometer, ambient light detector, altimeter and an optical heart-rate monitor.

  • Monitors your heart rate accurately
  • Numerous strap options
  • Tracks daily step count efficiently
  • Equipped with a sleep tracker
  • Has a ton of extras that include on-screen workouts and guided breathing sessions
  • Problems with periodic syncing
  • Issues with tracking distance on a treadmill
  • Lacks an in-built GPS
  • Not water-resistant

The first version of the Motorola Moto 360 was one of the most exceptional smart watches for Google’s Android Wear.

Presently, the watch is now compatible with the much upgraded Android Wear 2.0 OS.

There have been numerous complaints regarding the ‘flat tire’ shape of the Moto 360. Nonetheless, Motorola has stuck to its guns as you will still see the same design on the brand new Motorola Moto 360 Modern Timepiece.

Build Quality and Design

The best thing about the new Moto 360 is that it is no longer a one-size-fits-all type of smartwatch. It is now available with two screen options of 46 mm and 42 mm. While the bigger watch is designed mainly for the male gender, the 42mm-sized model is a better fit for women.

Motorola has also offered a wide variety of features to personalize your smartwatch. Besides choosing the size, you can also select the color of the casing, the color of the bezel and decide between leather and metal link bands.


The components under the hood of the Moto 360 have also been upgraded. For one, the Snapdragon 400 processor has been made more energy-efficient. There is also an increase in storage space to 512 MB of RAM and 4GB storage. Additionally, the smaller model is equipped with a 300mAh battery while the larger model has been upgraded to a longer lasting battery of 400mAh. In practice, we found that both types can stay for up to one and half days on a single charge.

Although there is no NFC, the smartwatch is equipped with a heart-rate monitor that comes in handy for those who like to keep tabs on their fitness levels.

  • Elegant design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Has an ambient light sensor
  • Options for leather and metal straps
  • iPhone compatibility
  • Low-quality battery life
  • Big-sized; hence, not a perfect fit for all
  • The charging cradle excludes USB cable
  • Too expensive for an Android Wear watch

Smartwatch Buying Guide

From renowned names such as Samsung and Apple to start-ups like Martian, there are tons of companies manufacturing smartwatches to provide notifications, apps and lots more to your wrist. While the features and designs differ significantly, the primary appeal of a smartwatch is that it helps you to keep time.

If you are looking for a way to keep tabs on your health, an increasing number of smartwatches are now equipped with incredible features such as a heart rate monitor or pedometer. Just how do you decide on the smartwatch that fits your needs and budget?

Device Compatibility

Naturally, smartwatches are designed to act as companions to smartphones, which makes device-compatibility a crucial aspect to take into account. For example, the Samsung Gear S3 is suited to work with numerous Android handsets and iPhones.

For Android Wear smartwatches including Samsung, Huawei, and LG- are designed to work with Android 4.3.

Are you stranded in figuring out whether your device is compatible? Google has just the solution. What you have to do is visit and look up the best smartwatch for Android. There are a couple of Android wear watches that work with iPhone, but a few of the features such as adding more apps, are not accessible when connected to iOS gadgets.

If you intend to purchase an Apple watch, you should know that it can only connect to iOS-driven devices. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend any smartwatches suited for use with BlackBerry or Windows smartphones.


What separates a smart watch from the conventional type? An array of things, but as we have learned from smartphones, apps get the most credit.

Most of the smartwatches we featured earlier, encompass full-fledged app stores. Ideally, they give you access to any app that you can think of; Uber, Yelp, calculators just to mention a few.

As is the case with smartphones, the availability of particular applications is one way to narrow down your list of smartwatches. If your primary interest in a smartwatch is the app section, we advise you to go for an Apple watch- either Series 1 or 2.

The one thing that makes Apple watches stand out entails a well-rounded app rooster, which has over 20,000 options. Some of these apps include Uber, Shazam, Instagram and even CNN. An Apple smartwatch brings tons of services right to your doorstep. For instance, you can place lunch orders using the Seamless app. You can also gain control of your lighting by installing Philips Hue.

Android Wear also has its fair share of apps. The best thing about Android Wear platform is that it allows you to install applications directly to your smartwatch. This is contrary to other models, where you have to install the application on your smartphone first. Some of the apps available for Android smartwatches include Eat24, which you can use to order food; Lyft, which lets you schedule rides; and the popular WhatsApp, which connects you to friends and family.

Unique Features: Fitness, Voice and more

Unless you want to end up with two gadgets on both of your wrists, you should go for a smartwatch that doubles up as a fitness tracker. Fitness maniacs will find the best sport watches useful, as they now come equipped with activity-monitoring functions.

At present, nearly all smartwatches have apps that can track core activities such as the number of steps, pace of your heart rate, number of calories that you burn among others. The Apple Watch Series also has additional perks such as the built-in GPS system. This feature allows you to track your runs, hikes, jogs without having to carry your iPhone along. However, do not forget that activating the GPS unit impacts battery life significantly.

Are you looking for a smartwatch, which can enable you to make calls from your wrist? With the Apple Watch, you can make as many calls, but you would have to keep your phone in close range. Samsung’s Gear S3 can do you one better, thanks to the built-in LTE, which allows you to make phone calls, send messages and navigate without needing your phone.

Huawei has also made headway, with its new onboard mic and speaker. These features give you the opportunity to make and receive calls from the new Huawei smartwatch model.

Battery Life and Charging

Are you looking for a smart watch that has long battery life? We hate to disappoint you, but the chances are that you will not find one. The majority of smartwatches, which have color screens –such as the Apple Watch and Android Wear- only last for 24 hours on a single charge.

It gets worse if your smartwatch has voice capabilities. Such smart watches cannot last that long if you are using them as phones, but that is to be anticipated. As is the case with your smartphone, you will have to charge your smartwatch every other day.

When it comes to charging, we recommend smart watches that are compatible with micro USBs. This way, it is easier to find a charging cable when you forget the one that came with your device. Nonetheless, you may find smartwatches with wireless chargers. While wireless chargers offer some level of convenience, they also have a downside in that they are bulky.


For some people, determining what time it is and keeping tabs on their health, are not the only reasons for purchasing smartwatches. Such individuals buy smartwatches for aesthetic appeal. As such, they will not go for smartwatches, which they would not want to be seen wearing, making design, one of the most crucial factors to account for when buying a smartwatch.

Apple designs the majority of its smartwatches with a squircular, well-built and plain body. As such, most of the style for these watches come in the form of elegant straps, which utilize Apple’s proprietary mechanism. The manner in which these straps are designed can drive Apple’s products pricing upwards. We advise you to look for third party straps of similar quality, which are available for a lower price.

Android is the dominant player when it comes to circular smartwatch displays. The Moto 360 is known for its customization while Huawei smartwatches come with scratch-resistant Sapphire crystal displays. If you are in need of a watch that has a traditional look but still offers top-notch features, then the Tag Heuer Carrera is what you need.


One last but crucial factor to take into account is the price. The prices of smart watches vary tremendously, and this depends on a couple of factors. For Apple, its low-end smart watches that have rubber band start at $349. The gold models can go as high as $17,000.

Are you looking for the best budget smartwatch? Then you are better off purchasing one of the Android watches, which average about $300. Nonetheless, this pricing may change depending on the available features. The new Motot 360 is among the cheapest, staying around $300. Meanwhile, Sony’s models can go for less than $200 while the Asus ZenWatch 2 can be bought for even less.


Smartwatches are yet to gain enough popularity to the extent that they become must-have tech gadgets. However, if you fancy living on the cutting-edge side of the tech world, then a smartwatch is your ideal status symbol.

Click here to see the comparison between different smartwatches around the globe.

Luckily, smart watches are now designed to look more attractive and serve multiple purposes. Some of the best smartwatches 2018 include the Apple Watch Series, Samsung Gear S2 and S3 models, Fitbit Blaze, Huawei Watch, Asus ZenWatch 3, Pebble Time Smartwatch and the Motorola Moto 360. If you intend to purchase any of these smartwatches, the attributes that you should look for in these gadgets are device compatibility, apps, quality of battery, design and the price.

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