Best Gaming SSDs Reviewed in 2018

Best Gaming SSDs Reviewed in 2018

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Best ssd for gaming

The world is moving at a very fast pace and so is the technology. Gone are those days when we have to wait for a long time for computers to boot.

Nobody likes to wait in the world of current technology.

Once in a lifetime every one of us must have played games on computers. In earlier times, these games used to take a long time and test our patience while loading.

But the situation has completely changed now. With the entry of SSDs in the technology world, we can bid “Goodbye” to those slow loading days.

Click here for the video of comparison of gaming experience between SSD and HDD to give you another reason to buy an SSD.

Are you a regular or hardcore gamer? Are you looking for the best SSD to change your gaming experience?

If YES, we are here with the list and reviews of the 10 best SSDs on the market that can take your gaming experience to a whole new dimension.

Best SSD for Gaming 2018

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SSD ModelHD (Max/Min)Read (Max)Write (Max)DimensionsHardware PlatformHard Drive Size 
Kingston HyperX Savage 120 GB/960 GB560 MB/s550 MB/s3.9 X 2.75 X 0.27 inchesPC960 GB
Samsung 850 PRO128 GB/2 TB550 MB/s520 MB/s2.75 X 3.94 X 0.27 inchesPC and Mac512 GB
Crucial MX300227 GB/2 TB530 MB/s510 MB/s0.5 x 3 x 2 inchesPC and Mac1 TB
Intel 730 SERIES240 GB/480 GB565 MB/s470 MB/s4.6 x 5.8 x 1.9 inchesPC480 GB
PNY CS2211 960GB Pro Gaming SSD240 GB/960 GB565 MB/s540 MB/s5.2 x 4.7 x 1.2 inchesPC240 GB
SanDisk Ultra II120 GB/960 GB
550 MB/s500 MB/s2.75 x 3.96 x 0.28 inchesPC, Mac, Unix960 GB
Samsung 850 Evo120 GB/4 TB540 MB/s520 MB/s5.6 x 5.6 x 0.8 inchesPC, Mac, Linux2 TB
Toshiba OCZ Vector 180120 GB/960 GB
476 MB/s454 MB/s3.9 x 2.8 x 0.3 inchesPC, Mac, Linux, Unix120 GB
Intel 750 Series400 GB/1.2 TB2500 MB/s1200 MB/s2.76 x 3.98 x 0.59 inches___400 GB
Corsair Force LE SSD120 GB/960 GB
560 MB/s530 MB/s0.27 x 3.93 x 2.75 inchesPC, Mac, Linux480 GB
There is more to amaze you.

The Kingston HyperX Savage SSD 480 GB is one of the best SSD available in the market. Kingston HyperX gives you up to 550MB/s write and 560MB/s read time.

The device also features an IOPS that peaks at 100K/89K, and runs on an 8-channel quad-core Phison S10 controller.

The quad-core Phison S10 controller allows great performance of the gadget regardless of whether the drive is near maximum capacity as it uses MLC NAND flash memory. Apart from its unique design that has represented a rebrand for gamers, the Kingston HyperX SSD was built from scratch for speed. This is great features that will appeal to every serious gamer who is looking for a quality SSD.

The Kingston HyperX SSD is a low profile and slim in design, as it is 7mm in height. This makes it ideal for you if your PC’s space is at a premium because of large graphics that congest your motherboard or for those rigs that are built in smaller cases. Therefore, Kingston HyperX SSD fits in almost all desktops, notebooks and HTPC builds.

Sturdy in hand with all the Gaming colours

The device has an excellent casing that offers a unique look and diamond-cut design that allows being unique as it complements the latest PC hardware. This is because it is made of high-quality aluminium and red steel.

It doesn’t stop here

Kingston HyperX SSD offers a three-year warranty, legendary reliability, free technical support and therefore, it has undergone a thorough factory testing. Besides, the gadget comes with a bundle kit that features all the accessories that are you required in installing the drive in your system. This includes a 2.5-3.5 inch adapter for the desktop mount, a 3.0 USB enclosure to transfer data from 2.5-inch hard drives, multi-bit screwdriver, Acronis data migration software and SATA data cable.

Technical Specifications

If you want an SSD that stands out in the market, Kingston HyperX SSD offers excellent performance.The SSD is limited by SATA bus as it is at greater queue depths just like most of its competitors in the market.

Improved Performance with an Amazing Combination

Kingston combines Phison controller with second-generation 19nm Toshiba Toggle-mode flash. This leads to improved performance even though it is a bit expensive as compared to the Micron flash that is used in Patriot’s Ignite.

The controller can work with both compressible and incompressible data differently regardless of the type of flash that combines with the Phison’s S10. This improves compressible information working as it leads to increased sequential read performance.

Pricing and Accessories

The HyperX SSD is available for shipping in four different capacities that range from 120 to 960GB. In total, two retail packages form eight Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).

Is this some regular SSD?  The answer is "NO"

Regarding accessories, Kingston has designed a product that stands out as more than just a regular SSD. The fact is expressed by the Upgrade Bundle Kit, which includes a 3.0 USB cable, USB enclosure, a SATA cable, desktop adapter bracket, a 7mm to 9mm adapter, multi-tip screwdriver, Acronis True Image software, mounting screws and a sticker.

In most cases, the Upgrade Bundle Kit costs about $20 more as compared to the drive-only model. However, the drive-only model also ships in the premium package but lacks most of the accessories that come with the Upgraded Bundle kit. With everything being included, it is advisable to purchase the Upgrade Bundle Kit.

Kingston HyperX Savage 960GB SSD costs about $350 to $650 for a complete kit and usually ships in one to three weeks. The drive-only model cost less, while the price of the two is affected by the inclusion of the accessory package. This price tag shows how the quality the SSD is out of touch in the market.

If speed is your primary objective and you have a tight budget, Kingston HyperX will amaze you with its capabilities.

  • Offers a premium accessory package
  • Unique look
  • Excellent performance with the HyperX Savage RAM
  • Provides unmatched speed
  • Perfect slim and low profile design
  • Highly reliable as it fully factory tested
  • Great storage space
  • Compatible with most PCs
  • Relatively high price
  • Some few claims of issues with windows 10
Final Thoughts

The Kingston HyperX Savage 960 SSD offers high performance that combines with its storage and unmatched speed. This makes it the best SSD as it can also work with both compressible and incompressible data results.​

2. Samsung 850 PRO - One of the Best SSDs for Professional Gamers

Samsung 850 PRO SSD is another top gadget that has scaled the quality of SSDs in the market.

First SSD using 3D vertical NAND

If you want excellent read/write performance and efficient power management, this device features an advanced storage as it comes with a first drive based 3D VNAND flash.

In terms of speed, Samsung PRO is slightly below Kingston HyperX as compared than any other SSD available in the market. However, its read/write speeds are below that of the Kingston as it is 550MB/S and 520MB/S and therefore it is slightly slower.

The Samsung PRO offers up to twice the speed, endurance and density of the standard flash. This makes it one of the best SSD for gaming that offers excellent energy efficiency, endurance and performance. Besides, Samsung PRO applies a flash memory that is designed with a unique 3D V-NAND architecture that is made by stacking 32 cells together.

Handle MORE Data with Ease on Daily Basis

This design leads to enhanced performance and greater density by utilizing a smaller breakthrough and a footprint in managing the density limits of the normal planar NAND. The endurance of the new model of the 850 PRO is two times that of the predecessor. Besides, the SSD uses the V-NAND technology is designed to handle at least 150 Terabytes in the entire life of the SSD, which means that its daily read/write is 40GB for a period of ten years.

Samsung PRO SSD is running on unique 3DV-NAND technology flash memory that offers great read and writes performance for random and sequential workloads. Moreover, the SSD comes with a ten-year limited warranty from the top-level industry.

With the efficient design of the Samsung PRO, you can work for long and productively. Additionally, 850 PRO prides of the most efficient power consumption as compared to others SSDs in the market when in full use. The gadget features Device Sleep mode for Ultra-book, which allows it to perform by consuming only two Mill warts of power it is operating in lower power mode.

Your Data is SECURE

Samsung PRO SSD enables you to protect your data without compromising on the performance. The gadget features 850 PRO Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) technology that helps in protecting your personal data and the PCs hardware. Moreover, the gadget comes with a full disk encryption engine, AES-256-bit that is hardware-based, which safeguards your data without affecting the performance. The Samsung PRO’S advanced security works perfectly with the Microsoft eDrive IEEE 1667 protocol and it fully meets the TCG Opal v 2.0 standards.

If you are worried about the device getting overheated, the 850 PRO features a Dynamic Thermal Guard Protection that offers protection against overheating without compromising performance.

The feature works by monitoring and maintaining the optimal operating temperature of the drive. This is by using the throttle that brings down the temperature of the SSD automatically as a way of offering protection to your data while maintaining the desired responsiveness.

Pricing and Accessories

Samsung PRO ships with the SSD and the mount bundle. This is at a cost of about $150 to $350, but with included installation and data transfer, you will have to pay more.

The premium package includes a 7mm SATA III (6GB/S) SSD, user manual and Mounts such as screws, cables and brackets. Next is Samsung Data Migration and Magician, which is a free download software that allows easy installation and management of the SSD. The Samsung Pro SSD works with Linux, Window 7/8/10/Vista SPI (32 or 64 bit).

  • Great benchmark results
  • High endurance levels
  • Perfect power consumption efficiency
  • Offers protection to your data and PC
  • Great design
  • Considerably fast
  • Generous warranty
  • Comes with downloadable software
  • Includes no extras
  • Relatively high price
  • Downloadable software does not support drive imaging in Win 8 or 8.1
  • Downloadable software is only compatible with Samsung devices only
Final Thoughts

Samsung 850 Pro SSD is a great gadget with excellent features that ensure that you can get a good value for your money. Besides, it comes with one of the highest storage capacities as well as a generous 10-year warranty. Therefore, you can never go wrong by choosing 850 Pro as your SSD for gaming.

3. Crucial MX300 - Great SSD for gaming as friendly price

If you are looking for an SSD that offers efficiency, durability, and speed to your system at an affordable cost, the Crucial MX300 SSD will be a great choice.

The MX300 SSD combines the latest 3D NAND flash technology that has proven to work with MX-series SSDs perfectly. This ensures a fast boot up and eases the access to even the most demanding applications.

More than Just a Storage Container

Besides, the storage device loads and saves everything that you use and do, enabling better user experience. It boosts almost every aspect of performance.

The MX300 features quality Micron flash storage that ensures a greater reliability. Micron is one of the leading flash storage makers in the world and therefore, the Crucial MX300 SSD is powered by most advanced memory and storage technologies. Moreover, the gadget has undergone several SSD qualification tests and hours of validation testing before releasing, and therefore, it has been thoroughly tried, tested and proven.

Instant Improvement

The Crucial MX300 manages a read speed of up to 530 MB/S as well as up to 510 MB/S writes speed on all file types. This allows you to an almost instant boot up, which reduces the load times as well as easily accelerating demanding applications. Besides, the device comes with the Dynamic Write Acceleration technology, which utilizes an adaptable single-level cell flash memory with a pool of high-speed to ensure a top-notch speed in the entire lifetime of the drive.

The gadget provides with more than 90 times energy efficiency than the standard drive. With excellent Energy Efficiency technology, the Crucial MX300 minimizes the consumption of power when the drive is active.

If you are looking to extend the battery life of your laptop, the Crucial MX300 utilises only 0.075W of power compared to consumption of 6.8W by the regular hard drive.

The drive offers enough safety against the loss of your files as it lasts longer. The Crucial MX300 is built with Micron 3D NAND that allows it to produce years of high performance, as it has a written endurance rating of up to 220TB bytes in total. This is because 3D NAND accommodates large NAND cells to improve the endurance and enhance the performance.

Purchasing the Crucial MX300 enables you to protect your data. The MX300 uses the AES 256-bit encryption that is hardware based, Exclusive Data Defense technology, Rain technology as well as the durability that comes with the design to ensure that your data is safe.

Does your System heats up very often?

Don’t worry, the MX300 helps in ensuring that your system remains cool. With the Adaptive Thermal protection technology and lower active power usage, the gadget changes storage component activity dynamically. This minimizes the chances of it being damaged by overheating as it helps in keeping the system temperatures down.

Additionally, the gadget enables you to boost the performance of your drive by up to 10 times. The MX300 comes with Crucial Storage Executive, which is a downloadable tool that is easy to use and helps in monitoring as well as improving the performance of the SSD. Besides, the tool enables you to update the SSD to the latest firmware and allow the Momentum Cache feature in the downloadable tool to boosts the performance.

Pricing and Accessories

Crucial MX300 shipping includes the SSD and other accessories at the cost of about $150 to $ 350, but each can be shipped separately. However, you will end pay more if you include installation and data transfer.

One of the accessories is the Dual SSD Mounting Bracket that works with any form factor desktop computer case that has at least one standard 3.5 inches internal drive bay. Besides, the Mounting Bracket comes with a 3.5 inches internal drive bay adapter that is used with up to two SSDs of 2.5 inches. The mounting Bracket holds 7mm and 9.5mm height standards SSDs and has customizable for both symmetrical and asymmetrical dual SSD mounting.

The Dual SSD Mounting Bracket also offers enough clearance for connecting SATA cables without causing any strain on the SATA connector. It also comes with two sets of SSD mounting screws as well as one set of adapter mounting screws, which allows easy and clean installation.

  • Relatively high speed
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Quiet
  • Great downloadable tools
  • Enough capacity
  • High level of efficiency
  • Relatively slow read speeds
  • Not a direct rival to Samsung V-NAND
  • Less generous warranty of 3 years
Final Thoughts

Crucial MX300 might not match the first two SSDs, but it is still a great device considering that it is just a mid-range consumer SSD. The gadget features a wide variety of capacities that appeal to many customers, with the underwhelming price per GB 3D TLC NAND. However, MX300 has to improve on its Micron’s development to be able to compete with the best, but it is still cost efficient than similar capacities that apply the traditional NAND. This means that Crucial is ideal replacement of an old HDD with a high-capacity SSD at a friendly price

Intel 730 comes from a reputable company that is well known as one of the best manufacturers SSDs in the world. In most cases, their products are not that cheap as compared to some of the competitors, but they are known to offer great value for the money.

Unmatched Performance in Your Hands

The Intel Solid-State Drive 730 Series optimizes the performance of your PC. With the SSD coming from a reputable data centre. It allows you to maximize your computing experience by using one of the fastest and reliable consumers Intel Solid-State Drive on the market. Moreover, the SSD is designed by integrating the data centre DNA with factory set components.

The Intel SSD features a 3rd generation Intel controller that is specially qualified to perform its functions. With the performance optimized firmware and the Intel NAND Flash 20nm Memory, the SSD boosts of about 50% controller speed increase and a 20% NAND bus speed increase. Besides, the optimized performance helps in accessing the most demanding applications easily such as extreme gaming and creation of digital content. The Intel SSD offers a low read speed of up to 86,000 IOPS random reads and sequential reads of up to 550 MB/S.

Having been born from the Intel Data Center DNA, Intel SSD offers up to 70GB writes per day for five years endurance.

Super Reliability and High Performance

If you are a person that requires reliable performance for the gaming rig or the workstation., this SSD enables you to have a piece of mind.

It also features advanced Intel firmware algorithms that deliver high performance continuously, which is ideal for both compressible and incompressible types of data. Therefore, endurance level is significant as compared to 20 GB, which is the typical tolerance degree in the industry with an efficient and dependable data centre.

If you are a PC enthusiast or an expert of digital content creation, the Intel Solid-State Drive is built with Intel Rapid Storage Technology.

You must be aware of the fact that RAID configurations offer the best storage performance.

This makes the gadget ideal for both as they all understand that By using two Intel Solid-State Drive 730 Series of 240GB storage capacity in RAID configurations delivers a storage capacity that is similar to 480GB drive. However, if you pair two 240GB in RAID configurations with the Intel platforms almost doubles the speed up to 1000 MB/S. Some of the Intel platforms that support Intel Storage Technology include H87, X79, Q87, and Z87.

Unique Feel of Unfinished Metallic Construction

This gadget has a unique feel and looks as compared to most of the SSDs available in the market today. Its body is made of an unfinished metallic construction that bears the Intel logo at the bottom of the corner. Besides, a sticker is one of the most interesting choices of the SSD build as it is made of stylized skull and covers the larger part of the left side, which brings out a realistic look.

On the other hand, the rear side consists of the Serial ATA connectors as well as the standard power. The SSD features a SATA3 (6GB), which is also working with SATA2 perfectly, but utilizing SATA2 leads to a faster capping of the bandwidth limitation as compared to HDD. Moreover, the back cover of the gadget consists of all the vital details about the product such as the model, form factor, and the capacity.

The Intel SSD is designed with four screw holes that enable you to mount the device entirely. Therefore, opening the SSD requires you to take out the four screws, which allows you to remove the cover. After removing the SSD lid, you will find a single circuit board that is attached to the metal case using plastic shims.

Power Consumption

According to the tests done, Intel SSD 730 Series idle power consumption is 1.18Win 5v mode and 1.44W in 12v mode. The power consumption of the SSD during sequential read and write activity is 2.46W and 4.76W in 12 modes respectively. Besides, it is important to understand that the SSD 730 Series turns to the 12v rails if both 5v and 12v are active on the connector. Therefore, the consumption of power by Intel SSD730 is than higher than most of the competitor Solid-State Drives.

Pricing and Accessories

The shipping of the Intel SSD 730 Series costs about $200 to $450, though the item does not ship to some countries on Amazon. The shipping package features the Intel SSD and other accessories such as mounting equipment and 2.5 inches slim form factors.

  • Offers excellent drive engineering
  • Ideal for gaming workloads
  • Generous warranty of five years
  • Great endurance
  • Provided in only two capacities
  • Relatively poor performance that does not live up the price premium
  • Heavy power consumption
Final Thoughts

The Intel SSD 730 is a quality SSD that is designed to serve the class of PC gaming enthusiasts, as it is ideal for taking on applications and intensive workloads. Besides, the SSD fits SATA 6GB, uses a performance optimized firmware as well as the20nm NAND. The SSD is also built in a 3rd generation Intel PC29AS21CAO controller that made the Intel S3700 enterprise one of the best gaming SSD in the market. This makes it a proven quality that is worth trying if you are looking for the best SSD for gaming.

If are looking for transferring large files and gaming, the PNY CS2211 960GB is one of the best gaming SSD that delivers great performance.

The SSD is the next generation gadget as it was designed to be an ultimate replacement of the HDD making it ideal for gamers as well as enthusiasts, who need great system performance.

Therefore, upgrading your PC with a PNY SSD allows you to experience excellent gaming performance that is 20 times faster than the traditional HDD. The PNY SSD is designed without any moving parts but helps in rapidly completing random functions. This makes your PC perform like new one as it ensures faster boot up time, greater general computing experience as well as a quick application launch.

The PNY SSD passes through some of the most strict validation and durability testing in the world of SSDs. Besides, the SSD undergoes several qualification tests and thousands of validation testing hours. Just like other top SSDs, PNY can even meet most demanding applications requirements.

Unleashed After Rigorous Quality Testing

Each SSD also undergoes a quality assurance test, which involves sub-system and comprehensive component testing. The SSD is able to withstand these rigorous tests as it utilizes advanced NAND technology from one of the best vendors for better SSD performance. Besides, all the PNY SSDs are designed to perform well in all environments and across all applications. This ensures that they are able to meet the match the required quality, durability, performance and reliability.

The PNY SSDs comes with great energy efficiency as they feature low function and wattage with a lower-power mode that is well advanced. The SSD consumes 30% less power as compared to the HDDs on average. This makes it one of the best gaming SSD for you if your aim is to build a silent and environment-friendly PC.

The SSD produces less heat than HDD and operates quietly. This means that it maximizing your PC’s life ultimately. Moreover, the PNY SSD reduces the operating temperature, which helps in minimizing the risks of defects that are caused by overheating. The PNY SSD delivers great performance making it 30 times more vigorous as compared to HDDs. This is because the SSD is designed to deliver excellent performance even in extreme environments with either high or low temperature. Besides, the gadget features a system that utilizes non-volatile NAND, which allows the SSD to retain its memory even if your PC falls accidentally.

Finally, the PNY comes with a competitive four-year warranty and offers a technical support team that is based in the US to address your questions. This serves as an assurance that the SSD is of the highest quality and that it has undergone all the required tests. However, its warranty falls short of what most of the competitive SSDs offer, as many average five years.

Pricing and Accessories

The PNY CS2211 960GB costs around $250 to $400 and comes in a 7mm 2.5 inches form factor. Besides, the SSD ships with a license for Acronis True image that makes the process of upgrading to an SSD easily.

The PNY SSD comes in a nice premium packaging that bears important information on the front and the back. Finally, the package includes mounting accessories such as adapter and screws.

  • Offers great endurance
  • Improved responsiveness as well as optimal performance
  • Durable
  • Relatively affordable
  • Great energy efficiency
  • Offers no provision for encryption
  • Some claims of it being hard for PC to be detect
  • Claims of the SSD failing to work as required after some time
  • Does not offer any free downloadable tool
Final Thoughts

The PNY CS2211 is a quality SSD that meets all the standards of the best gaming SSDs as it is relatively fast, durable and reliable. This makes it a good gaming gadget that you should consider while looking for the best gaming SSD.

Are you Looking For a Better Endurance and Speed?

We have the right choice for you.

SanDisk Ultra 960GB is another top quality gaming SSD that comes as the next Frontier Airlines of SSDs. The device is coming from a reputable brand, and it allows you, to get boosted performance. The SanDisk Ultra II is designed with a ncache technology from SanDisk that allows the device to provide better endurance and improved speed with a sequential write speed of up to 500 MB/S as well as up to 550 MB/S sequential read speed. Besides, the delivers faster application load times, instant boot up as well as better data transfers.

The SSD offers quieter, efficient and cooler computing as the drive comes with vibration and shock resistance that protects the storage device. Moreover, San Disk is the company that invented the SSD technology, therefore SanDisk Ultra II has that takes to boosts your performance levels.

Additionally, SanDisk products undergo strict testing, which means that they are built to meet the highest standards in the market. This assures you of their unmatched quality, reliability and performance of the SanDisk SSDs. The ncache 2.0 technology provides optimal performance as it writes everything before it is transferred to the flash memory. This advanced technology allows for faster burst speeds.

Don’t worry about the drops and falls

The SanDisk II is built with an elaborate Solid State Design that is durable, which helps in resisting vibration and shock. This ensures that your data remains safe even if you happen to drop your computer accidentally. The SanDisk SSD comes with an easy set-up and provides the realistic status of the drive. A Real-time Drive allows you to monitor how your SSD is performing. Moreover, it also comes with software that helps you in setting the new drive for firmware update alerts and disk analysis tools.

Finally, the SanDisk enables to prolong the life of your desktop or laptop PC. The SSD enables you to upgrade your desktop or laptop as it makes them fast and therefore feels as new machines with faster shutdowns, application response times and boot-ups.

Pricing and Accessories

The shipping of the SanDisk Ultra costs around $200 to $400 and ships with other accessories. The SSD is frequently bought with a 3.5 inches Corsair Dual SSD Mounting Brackets and SATA III Hard Drive Adapter cable.

  • Accelerated performance
  • Easy to control as it features the SanDisk Dashboard
  • Relatively affordable, especially for higher capacities
  • Records everything efficiently
  • Average speed
  • Considerably shorter warranty as it gives a 3-year warranty

7. Samsung 850 EVO - The Most Popular SSD for Gaming

Samsung 850 EVO is a quality SSD that offers the best alternative to the Samsung 850 Pro because it comes with almost similar features as the other one.

Do You want to experience Unimaginable Speed?

The Samsung EVO has redefined the endurance and speed levels of the Solid State Drives and taken them to an unimaginable level. It also comes with much-improved power consumption as compared to other quality SSDs in the market today.

The 850 EVO applies advanced Magician Samsung software that functions efficiently but only on windows. This major undoing thing has made it unpopular with some potential customers who use another operating system.

Additionally, the SSD is made entirely of Samsung components, which makes it complement other Samsung SSDs perfectly. This is because the experts can design all the parts together to produce a better performing device.

Designed to ideally work with a variety of computers

This is because the drive comes with a SATA based M.2 and a 2.5 inch for ultra-slim computing applications as well as a 2.5-inch adapter for both laptops and desktop PCs. Besides, the great endurance of up to 75TB on the 120 GB and 250 GB capacities, 15TB on the 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities.

Finally, Samsung EVO may not match Pro in terms of quality, but it still serves as a pacesetter. The drive comes in various capacities that include 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB as well as 4TB, which makes it stand out in the market. The 850 EVO comes with a five-year warranty, which gives an assurance that the device can use 40 GB daily while working efficiently for this period.

  • Delivers consistent performance
  • Great speed with above average consistency
  • Considerably generous warranty of five years
  • Performs better as compared to other SSDs of the same price
  • Reliable and has better endurance
  • Low speed as compared Samsung 850 Pro
  • Apples the Samsung Magician Software that is only compatible with windows
Final Thoughts

The Samsung 850 EVO comes with great features makes it ideal for gamers that need the best SSD for gaming. Therefore, the 850 EVO is one of the drives that you should consider if you are looking for better endurance, speed, price and great performance.

Toshiba OCZ Toshiba is one of the best SSD for gaming, as it has a better endurance and it is relatively fast. Besides, it comes with different capacities that include 120GB, 240GB, 480GB as well as 960GB.

Is Data Protection your Concern?

The Toshiba OCZ Vector comes with Power Failure Management Plus (PFM+), which is a unique feature that helps in protecting your data when the drive is at rest. This ensures that all the data that is written on the NAND is saved in before a power loss, which makes it superior to other SDDs that only protects data that is fully written only.

The Toshiba OCZ Vector offers better endurance as it can get up to 320TB, but for 120 GB you will get an endurance of up to 90TB. Besides, the Toshiba OCZ comes with a five-year warranty, which is covered by ShieldPlus that requires you to give your serial number once you have a problem with your drive. This allows you to get another drive shipped to you in case they find the first one defective.

Even the Best has some Downsides. Don’t You Agree?

The major downside of Toshiba OCZ is that it applies AES 256-bit encryption, which is limited encryption as it is not compatible with IEEE-1667 and TCG Opal 2.0 standards. Besides, the OCZ Toolbox is not user-friendly but SSD GURU, which is their new management tool, is great. The SSD GURU features health monitoring, maintenance, firmware updating as well as SSD and OS tuning.

Pricing and Accessories

The Toshiba OCZ Vector ships with the SSD and a bundle kit for about $200 to $400. The bundled package consists of Acronis True Image cloning software that allows easier data transfer from your SSD or old drive. Besides, it also comes with a 3.5-inch adapter for desktop mounting.

  • Great design and construction
  • Better performance
  • Incredible support
  • Safeguards data in case of power loss
  • Excellent Management tool, SSD GURU
  • Relatively weak security
  • Considerably reduced speed
Final Thoughts

Toshiba OCZ Vector is a reliable drive, but it offers average results in every aspect that you might want to consider for the best SSD for gaming. However, the device has enough quality to stand the best gaming drives.

The Intel 750 Series is one of the few drives that have pushed the SSD technology to the next level. The Intel drive was the first consumer SSD to apply the new super-fast non-volatile memory that allows an extreme SSD performance.

The drive is available in two forms, one that includes a 3.0X4 standard PCI Express add-in card. The standard add-in card is compatible with any motherboard that has a free PCI Express slot. On the other hand, we have the 2.5-inch drive that is designed for Small Form Factor (SFF) connector. The two are however similar as they apply the same PCIe interface.

Excellent Speed But No improvement in Booting

Additionally, Intel 750 Series offers excellent performance, but it may not improve the booting speed of your computer, as you would want it to do. The 750 Series runs on the Samsung M.2 Solid-State drive that is responsible for its impressive speed. Consequently, the drive records a sequential write speed of about 900 MB/S to 120 MB/S, which can even get better.

Finally, Intel 750 Series is available in three capacities that include 400GB, 800GB as well as 1.2TB. Moreover, the drive has a high endurance of up to a 127TB maximum for the 400GB. The Intel 750 Series comes with a five-year warranty, which considering the tolerance means that the device can perform at the same level for five years while using 70GB per day.

Pricing and Accessories

The shipping package of the Intel 750 Series consists of the SSD as well as other accessories and goes for about $450 to $600. These accessories include SFF 8643 connector and PCIe cable.

  • Considerably better performance
  • Great consistency
  • Super-fast
  • Reliable and durable, making it ideal for gamers
  • Relatively expensive
  • Reduced booting speed for an SSD of its price
  • Short warranty, considering its cost
Final Thoughts

The Intel 750 Series is indeed a workstation gaming SSD due to its durability and the ability to take on demanding tasks like video editing and gaming. This is because it offers the required speed and boosts the performance to enable your PC to perform these tasks.

10. Corsair Force LE SSD, 480GB SATA 6Gbps - The Best SSD for Entry level Gamers

The Corsair Force LE is a relatively new SSD in the market that is performing better than anticipated. It is designed with Triple Level Cell (TLC) memories, which allows it to cut down on the production cost to enable them to sell the drive at a friendly price.

If you want to experience better performance and dependability at an affordable price, the drive applies the Phison Controller that is used by other top SSDs of some of the best models.

The Corsair Device offers great speed as all capacities offer a similar, but good speed. This drive gives you a sequential read speed of up to 560 MB/S as well as a write speed of 530 MB/S. Besides, the Corsair Force LE comes with great features that include shock absorption, SmartRefresh as well as S.M.A.RT that helps in ensuring that your drive is dependable and remains intact. The drive is available in different capacities that include 120GB, 240GB, 480GB as well as 960GB and a three-year warranty.

Finally, the drive delivers better endurance that improves as the capacity increases. The 240GB drive has an endurance of up to 60TB, the 480 drive offers 120TB endurance and for 960GB, the value rises to 240TB.

  • Reliable
  • Built with great features
  • Better performance
  • Great value, considering its price
  • Warranty Below Average
Final Thoughts

The most appealing thing about this top device is that great overall performance at a very friendly price as compared to other drives in the list of the best SSD for gaming.

The Best Gaming SSD Buyer’s Guide

What is a gaming SSD?

A gaming SSD (Solid State Drive) is a hard drive designed with a non-volatile NAND flash memory that is used for gaming and transferring files in PCs. The type of the flash memory is different from the volatile NAND flash memory that is used by RAM, VRAM and DRAM. Non-volatile memory is designed for permanent data storage and therefore, retains data even when unpowered, unlike the volatile memory.

The SSDs are being preferred the standard Hard Disks Drives (HDDs) where speed is required in both recreational and professional settings. The SSDs offer10 times read and write speeds as compared to conventional HDDs.

Why should you buy an SSD for gaming?

Purchasing SSDs comes with many benefits that make them ideal for gaming as compared to HDDs. First, SDDs offers high speeds consistently, lower power consumption as well as better dependability. This is because the advanced technology that is used to design SSDs allows them to provide high speed consistently.

Secondly, SSDs storage relies on the controller and solid-state flash memory, while a small in built processor takes the place of the read/write. On the other hand, HDDs stores information by applies platters and the real read/write head. Therefore, SSDs performs consistently at high speed as there are no moving parts involved as the controller is digital. The HDDs, however, have to spin while searching and retrieving data. Therefore, they tend to slow down after some time.

Finally, the SSDs are more reliable as they do not have any moving parts. This reduces the chances of the SSD failing to work as well as making them more energy efficient as compared to HDDs.

What do gamers and regular users consider when looking for SSDs?

There are several SSDs available in the markets that are branded as “gaming SSDs”, but there are some key specifications that you should check as a gamer to ensure that you get a reliable gadget. The best gaming SSDs should have high endurance level, incredible read/write speeds as well as be reliable. By checking this information and researching on the best models, you can avoid some con manufacturers that brand their standard SSDs as gaming drives. However, most of the SSDs are ideal for gaming, though some are better as compared to others.

If you are looking to boost the performance of your computer beyond the limits, then you should consider the best gaming SSDs in the market. Higher end SSDs offer great value for your money as their read/write speeds exceeds 500 MB/S and a 90,000 – 100,000 IOPS. However, if you want extreme speed, then you will be required to get an SSD that performs above the metrics. You should not mind so much about the price, as there are many affordable SSDs that are relatively fast, for example, Crucial MX300, which one of the top SSDs on the reviews above.

Does the SSD manufacturer matter?

When looking for the best gaming SSDs, it is important to understand that manufacturers are not the same. Therefore, some are better as compared to others as some may be new in the industry, while others are known leading in SSDs manufacturing. Some of the leading SSDs manufacturers include Kingston, PNY, Samsung, Seagate, Intel and others.

It is, however, advisable to avoid cheap SSDs as what you pay determines the quality of the SSD you get. Besides, by purchasing a cheap generic SSD online, you risk being conned or getting an inferior product. The storage drive is the most component of the computer as all the data is kept there. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a reputable manufacturer.


In conclusion, the SSDs offer great value today. Therefore, there is no valid excuse as to why you should not buy one. It is important to state that although we have given a list of the best gaming SSDs, no drive perfectly meets all the gaming needs. However, the drives that we have included here have a proven ability to give you a better user experience as a gamer as compared to other SSDs in the market.

It is also important to note that SSDs, which are more expensive mainly, offer better performance than the cheap ones. However, it does not mean that all the most expensive drives are always the best as some relatively inexpensive SSDs perform better as compared to some of the higher priced devices.

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